Avery will show his support for children with cancer by shaving his head
with Team Pack 96 on March 6th.
Please help him raise money to help find the cure for childrens cancer
St Baldricks Foundation is 2nd only to the US goverment
in funding childrens cancer research.

Click here to visit Avery's donation page at St Baldricks website.

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What we do:

MinionsWeb loves providing home haunters, haunted houses, movie studios, theatres, production companies, businesses, amusement parks, theme parks, and sporting venues with a varied and original selection of items to take your set, presentation or haunt to the next level.

Our cob web products are used at, and can be seen in many television shows, dozens of movies, amusment and theme parks, hundreds of professional haunted houses, and thousands of home haunts in the United States and 31 countries around the world.

We invented the spider web/cob web maker in 1998, and have been often imitated, but never duplicated.

In addition to our patent pending web guns and the worlds ONLY fire marshal accepted fire-safe web sticks, we provide very select products, not commonly available to haunters from other resources.

We understand how items can be found at hundreds of stores and websites.
That is not Minions Webs' mission.
We are here to help you make your display or set a rich tapestry.
We provide the items that exist at the edges of your vision, that which completes the picture.

As we create and discover more items, of course we will list them on the products pages.



How we started:

Minionsweb was started in 1998 to show other haunters my haunt, and to show the methods used to make some of the effects used in it.
A short while later I started the Hallow-links pages to offer everyone a source of how to pages, suppliers, and general hallowen websites categorized by topic.

One of the how to pages had the original cob web shooter instruction set.
After its publication, many people wrote asking if I could make them the original minionsweb cob web caster. They did not have the tools, felt they did not have the skill, or simply did not have the time.
They offered to buy those spider original web shooters.

Time was, I was out of work, extra cash was certainly desired and more than welcome.
Soon sAnother person suggested offering them via eBay, and MinionsWeb retail adventure began.

Interestingly, I got divorced, went back to work, got remarried, all the while MinionsWeb has been growing gradually as the #1 producer of web devices and supplies.

We (the wife and I, plus seasonal part timers) now make and sell an insane amount of webbers, the specially produced fire and food safe web sticks, air cannons, and other products around the globe, and all 50 states.

MinionsWeb is not about sales, its about helping you make your set, presentation or haunt all you want it to become.

We manufacture all the webbers and cannons by hand in our workshop and our glues are crafted to Minions Web specs, in the USA.

We are a small, mostly family operation, much like your family.
We want you to be part of our family and enjoy the same great items we use in our yard haunt year after year.
We are home haunters who make Trick or Treaters EARN their candy!



Why do we do this:

MinionsWeb is a labor of love, with long hours involved, & copious amounts of work.

But everytime we get a call, letter or email telling us what a huge success our products made a haunt, party, film, event or production, it makes every moment spent on MinionsWeb worth it.

It is a real rush to go through a haunt, see a movie, or a show on TV and realize those webs are made with one of the 5 models of Minions Cobweb shooters (or see folks being thrilled by our other products).

We do not make much doing this (everyone who works at MinionsWeb has a real job in the real world) but as long as I can bring in inventory to offer webbers, locate and stock new items and afford to keep the website up, MinionsWeb will be here for you.

Maybe some day, we can leave our real jobs and devote our time completely to the business (this is a hint, buy more stuff!).



I am pleased to have this site visited by my friends and by strangers alike.

In 2009 we had 211,000 visitors and 7.23 million hits!




Contact information

If you need to speak with someone, please call us during business hours posted below.
If we miss your call, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can.
Hours:   Weekdays : 10:00AM to 8:00PM
Weekends: 10:00AM to 6:00PM
All times Eastern
Mailing and Shipping Address:

  Minions Web TenMen Productions
844 Country Club Road
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Phone:   973 8 HAUNTS (973 842 8687)
Fax:   973 8 HAUNT8 (973 842 8688)
Order information:   orders@MinionsWeb.com
General Inquiries:   csminion@MinionsWeb.com
Domestic shipping quote:   shipUsa@MinionsWeb.com
International shipping quote:   worldwide@MinionsWeb.com
Wholesale/Resellers:   vendor@MinionsWeb.com

At this time, we do not have a print catalog, but we will offer a CD version in 2011.
You may make a request for a CD catalog by E-mail: catalog@minionsweb.com


Who we are:

Corey Minion - Gory Corey - Owner:

A haunter at heart, some of his best memories as a child raised in northern NJ, were of creating the family home spooky yard and original costumes that were such an improvement over the super flammable slip on bag costumes and rubber band masks of the 60's and 70's.

In the early 80s he started and coordinated the annual haunted houses in the Hyde Mansion in Bath Maine, toying with stunt and effects production.

For the rest of the 80s he found himself studying Biology, Chemistry, &

Sociology in NJ at Seton Hall followed by Medical Illustration, Metal-smithing (fine jewelery), Sculture and Photography at CWRU & CIA in OH.
Hosting the Riff-raff Open Submission Art Show on Halloween from 1985-1989 at CIA, in addition to creating just plain odd scuptural jewelry, sculptures and costumes, he created numerous animatronics for the annual Halloween event.

In 1997, he moved into his first house, re-igniting his halloween passion.
Discovering the other like minded halloween enthusiasts of the Halloween-L listserver, his dormant haunter re-awoke.
In 1998, after a freak accident of being bitten by a radioactive hot glue gun he started shooting webs from his ass and invented the Minions Webber.....well, something like that...

Since 1998, he has been building a yard haunt that now draws in several thousand on halloween night.

As of 2010, Corey owns and runs Minions Web from its current location in Bridgewater NJ.

He wears all the hats, designer/sculptor/inventor, web-guru, graphics mangler (literature and web art), shit slinger (chief of marketing), code/systems/database ape (computer man), customer service, worry wart, slave driver, shop ape wrangler, international sourcing agent, spec and technical writer.

Jasmine Wang - Chief Financial Officer:

Originally from Shanghai China, Jasmine has been drawn into Minions Web kicking, screaming, and protesting so loudly, we stuffed corpse fingers in our ears to muffle the noise.

She has been with us since 2003.

Best suited as a dragon lady, she cracks the whip, we say "OOOOHHH"...then actually listen to what she tells us.

Under her Tepper School of Business from Carnegie Mellon tutelage, she guides us through the rocky waters of business management.

Her other roles are international travel coordinator, company interpreter, motivator.

Eric McAfee - Artiste - Go to Guy:

Helping Corey haunt the home for the past 10 years, Eric got sucked into Minions Web like the Alien out of the airlock.

An Alumni of CIA in Cleveland Ohio, his skills in sculpture and painting are unlike anyone else.

You may have met Eric at tradeshows helping to run the booth, doing product demos and writing up your orders, but you should know he also is in the trenches helping to produce our products,

processing orders, and offering tremendous feedback when it comes to design.

His many sculptures and paintings are in numerous collections and on display around the country.

He is the chief shop ape and model/mold maker.