Ninety Nine Days Til Halloween........                                                                                                       Ninety Nine days to go.....


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Ninety-nine days til Howl-o-ween
Ninety-nine days to go
I want to start dec-or-at-ing right now
Ninety-nine days to go!
Ninety-eight days til Howl-o-ween
Ninety-eight days to go
Can we all go Trick-or-Treating today?
Ninety-eight days to go!
Ninety-seven days til Howl-o-ween
Ninety-seven days to go
Time to string up some festive shrunken heads!
Ninety-seven days to go!
Ninety-six days til Howl-o-ween
Ninety-six days to go
Let’s catch a few bats and maybe some rats
Ninety-six days to go!
Ninety-five days til Howl-o-ween
Ninety-five days to go
Mummies and deaddies are haunting the town
Ninety-five days to go!
Ninety-four days til Howl-o-ween
Ninety-four days to go
Witches and monsters and ghosties…oh my!
Ninety-four days to go!
Ninety-three days til Howl-o-ween
Ninety-three days to go
The wolfman will howl and zombies will snarl
Ninety-three days to go!
Ninety-two days til Howl-o-ween
Ninety-two days to go
Mummies will sneak out of sarcophagi
Ninety-two days to go!
Ninety-one days til Howl-o-ween
Ninety-one days to go
I’m busy stirring up a witch’s brew
Ninety-one days to go!
Ninety more days til Howl-o-ween
Ninety more days to go
Let’s carve up some jacks and sharpen the ax
Ninety more days to go!
Eighty-nine days ‘til Howl-o-ween
Eighty-nine days to go
Pumpkins are bloomin’ in the pumpkin patch
Eighty-nine days to go! 
Eighty-eight days ‘til Howl-o-ween
Eighty-eight days to go
Wormwood and bats’ wings will make a fine stew
Eighty-eight days to go!
Eighty-seven days ‘til Howl-o-ween
Eighty-seven days to go
Polish the cauldrons and dust off the brooms
Eighty-seven days to go!
Eighty-six days ‘til Howl-o-ween
Eighty-six days to go
Demons are dancing a grisly foxtrot
Eighty-six days to go!
Eighty-five days ‘til Howl-o-ween
Eighty-five days to go
Spellbooks are stored in the sarcophagus
Eighty-five days to go!
Eighty-four days til Howl-o-ween
Eighty-four days to go
Let’s all play some tricks and gobble some treats
Eighty-four days to go!
Eighty-three days til Howl-o-ween
Eighty-three days to go
Let’s unwrap a mummy – oh how yummy!
Eighty-three days to go!
Eighty-two days til Howl-o-ween
Eighty-two days to go
Tombstones are shakin’ and kids are quakin’
Eighty-two days to go!
Eighty-one days til Howl-o-ween
Eighty-one days to go
Go dust off your props and check out the shops
Eighty-one days to go!
Eighty more days til Howl-o-ween
Eighty more days to go
Witches are flyin’ with black cats on brooms
Eighty more days to go!
Seventy-nine days til Howl-o-ween
Seventy-nine days to go
Come dig up Drac – he’s ready to attack
Seventy-nine days to go!
Seventy-eight days til Howl-o-ween
Seventy-eight days to go
Potions are brewin’ and toads are stewin’
Seventy-eight days to go!
Seventy-seven days til Howl-o-ween
Seventy-seven days to go
There’s a full moon tonight – good thing, ‘cuz we sure need the light!              Blackout of 2003
Seventy-seven days to go!
Seventy-six days til Howl-o-ween
Seventy-six days to go
Frankie is dancing to the Monster Mash
Seventy-six days to go!
Seventy-six days til Howl-o-ween
Seventy-six days to go
Martha has dug up some skellies for us!                        2002
Seventy-six days to go!
Seventy-five days til Howl-o-ween
Seventy-five days to go
Spiders are crawlin’ and banshees wailin’
Seventy-five days to go!
Seventy-four days til Howl-o-ween
Seventy-four days to go
Skeletons dance by the light of the moon
Seventy-four days to go!
Seventy-three days til Howl-o-ween
Seventy-three days to go
Let’s start picking costumes and masks and wigs
Seventy-three days to go!
Seventy-two days til Howl-o-ween
Seventy-two days to go
The witches are casting a spell on you!
Seventy-two days to go!
Seventy-one days til Howl-o-ween
Seventy-one days to go
Where have I left that jar of Eye of Newt?
Seventy-one days to go!
Seventy more days til Howl-o-ween
Seventy more days to go
Let’s put on some masks and go have a blast!
Seventy more days to go!
Sixty-nine days til Howl-o-ween
Sixty-nine days to go
Painting and building and spooking – oh, my!
Sixty-nine days to go!
Sixty-eight days til Howl-o-ween
Sixty-eight days to go
So many costumes – which one shall I choose?
Sixty-eight days to go!
Sixty-seven days til Howl-o-ween
Sixty-seven days to go
Choc’lit and candy corn and apples – yum!
Sixty-seven days to go!
Sixty-six days til Howl-o-ween
Sixty-six days to go
Scarecrows stand guard in the big pumpkin patch
Sixty-six days to go!
Sixty-five days til Howl-o-ween
Sixty-five days to go
Let’s watch spooky movies and tell ghost tales
Sixty-five days to go!
Sixty-four days til Howl-o-ween
Sixty-four days to go
The lightening will flash and thunder will crash
Sixty-four days to go!
Sixty-three days til Howl-o-ween
Sixty-three days to go
Fog’s rolling in…let the spooking begin!
Sixty-three days to go!
Sixty-two days til Howl-o-ween
Sixty-two days to go
Time to have fun in a big haunted house
Sixty-two days to go!
Sixty-one days til Howl-o-ween
Sixty-one days to go
Here comes a witch on a magic broom-stick
Sixty-one days to go!
Sixty more days til Howl-o-ween
Sixty more days to go
Goblins will gleefully slither through slime
Sixty more days to go!
Fifty-nine days til Howl-o-ween
Fifty-nine days to go
Ghosts are a-flyin’ in the black night sky
Fifty-nine days to go!
Fifty-eight days til Howl-o-ween
Fifty-eight days to go
Monsters are growling and prowling outside
Fifty-eight days to go!
Fifty-seven days til Howl-o-ween
Fifty-seven days to go
Let’s pop some corn and we’ll party ‘til morn!
Fifty-seven days to go!
Fifty-six days til Howl-o-ween
Fifty-six days to go
Please pass the jar of green pickled eye-balls
Fifty-six days to go!
Fifty-five days til Howl-o-ween
Fifty-five days to go
Ghosts and wild witches are filling the sky!
Fifty-five days to go!
Fifty-four days til Howl-o-ween
Fifty-four days to go
Skeletons are dancing a jangling jig
Fifty-four days to go!
Fifty-three days til Howl-o-ween
Fifty-three days to go
Ghostly chains clink in the cellar below
Fifty-three days to go!
Fifty-two days til Howl-o-ween
Fifty-two days to go
Bats are circling high in the wild night sky
Fifty-two days to go!
Fifty-one days til Howl-o-ween
Fifty-one days to go
Black cats’ eyes are bright in the pale moonlight
Fifty-one days to go!
Fifty more days til Howl-o-ween
Fifty more days to go
Jack-o-lanterns light the way as we honor the fallen on this sad day              2002
Fifty more days to go
Forty-nine days til Howl-o-ween
Forty-nine days to go
Pumpkins are fat on the vines in the field
Forty-nine days to go!
Forty-eight days til Howl-o-ween
Forty-eight days to go
Witches on broomsticks are ready to fly
Forty-eight days to go!
Forty-seven days til Howl-o-ween
Forty-seven days to go
Gargoyles are guarding the roof in the rain
Forty-seven days to go!
Forty-six days til Howl-o-ween
Forty-six days to go
So many props however can I choose?
Forty-six days to go!
Forty-five days til Howl-o-ween
Forty-five days to go
The ghouls have dug up my cemetery!
Forty-five days to go!
Forty-four days til Howl-o-ween
Forty-four days to go
How many bats go in a bat-wing stew?
Forty-four days to go!
Forty-three days til Howl-o-ween
Forty-three days to go
Masks we’re paintin’ and tombstones we’re makin’
Forty-three days to go!
Forty-two days til Howl-o-ween
Forty-two days to go
Bats’ wings are flappin’ and cool ghouls rappin’
Forty-two days to go!
Forty-one days til Howl-o-ween
Forty-one days to go
Zombies and mummies and spiders – OH NO!
Forty-one days to go!
Forty more days til Howl-o-ween
Forty more days to go
How many bones does a skeleton have?
Forty more days to go!
Thirty-nine days til Howl-o-ween
Thirty-nine days to go
What’s in these boxes – I can’t wait to see!
Thirty-nine days to go!
Thirty-eight days til Howl-o-ween
What do you know - it’s the first day of Fall!
Thirty-eight days to go
Thirty-eight days to go!
Thirty-seven days til Howl-o-ween
Thirty-seven days to go
Let’s all go brew up a potion or two
Thirty-seven days to go!
Thirty-six days til Howl-o-ween
Thirty-six days to go
Mummies dance a mambo out in the crypt
Thirty-six days to go!
Thirty-five days til Howl-o-ween
Thirty-five days to go
Severed hands caper across creaky floors
Thirty-five days to go!
Thirty-four days til Howl-o-ween
Thirty-four days to go
Let’s go bake a bat wing and snake tail cake
Thirty-four days to go!
Thirty-three days til Howl-o-ween
Thirty-three days to go
Trick or treat – mummies are spooky and neat!
Thirty-three days to go!
Thirty-two days til Howl-o-ween
Thirty-two days to go
On the men-u, a dish of bat brain stew
Thirty-two days to go!
Thirty-one days til Howl-o-ween
Thirty-one days to go
Scary screams, mangled moans, and grisly groans
Thirty-one days to go!
Thirty more days til Howl-o-ween
Thirty more days to go
Hip hip hurray – it’s October today!
Thirty more days to go!
Twenty-nine days til Howl-o-ween
Twenty-nine days to go
Where did I leave all those props anyway?
Twenty-nine days to go!
Twenty-nine days til Howl-o-ween
Twenty-nine days to go
We’ve been adopted by cat number fifteen!                       Baby Smudge 2003
Twenty-nine days to go!
Twenty-eight days til Howl-o-ween
Twenty-eight days to go
It’s dark and creepy but I’m not sleepy!
Twenty-eight days to go!
Twenty-seven days til Howl-o-ween
Twenty-seven days to go
So just how big can one arachnid grow?
Twenty-seven days to go!
Twenty-six days til Howl-o-ween
Twenty-six days to go
This house is haunted, but I’m undaunted
Twenty-six days to go!
Twenty-five days til Howl-o-ween
Twenty-five days to go
Drac’s stirring up a bright bloody red brew
Twenty-five days to go!
Twenty-four days til Howl-o-ween
Twenty-four days to go
Oh, what do you mean, you melted the witch?!
Twenty-four days to go!
Twenty-three days til Howl-o-ween
Twenty-three days to go
Mummies and kitties are not a good mix!
Twenty-three days to go!
Twenty-two days til Howl-o-ween
Twenty-two days to go
Cauldrons will bubble and ghouls cause trouble
Twenty-two days to go!
Twenty-one days til Howl-o-ween
Twenty-one days to go
Just three weeks more – let’s all head to the store
Twenty-one days to go!
Twenty more days til Howl-o-ween
Twenty more days to go
Oh what a night for a haunted hayride!
Twenty more days to go!
Nineteen more days til Howl-o-ween
Nineteen more days to go
Castles are spooky and bats are kooky
Nineteen more days to go!
Eighteen more days til Howl-o-ween
Eighteen more days to go
Gypsies and devils and witches – oh, my!
Eighteen more days to go!
Seventeen more days til Howl-o-ween
Seventeen more days to go
What’s that critter creeping up behind you?
Seventeen more days to go!
Sixteen more days til Howl-o-ween
Sixteen more days to go
This house is haunted – I like it, don’t you?
Sixteen more days to go!
Fifteen more days til Howl-o-ween
Fifteen more days to go
Spiders are weaving a web all around
Fifteen more days to go!
Fourteen more days til Howl-o-ween
Fourteen more days to go
Don’t worry, my dear, the day’s almost here!
Fourteen more days to go!
Thirteen more days til Howl-o-ween
Thirteen more days to go
Bright leaves will fall and pale ghoulies will squall
Thirteen more days to go!
Twelve more days til Howl-o-ween
Twelve more days to go
Crypt doors are creakin’ and spirits speakin’
Twelve more days to go!
Twelve more days til Howl-o-ween
Twelve more days to go
Hip-hip-hurray Smudgie came home today!!!!!                   2003
Twelve more days to go!
Eleven more days til Howl-o-ween
Eleven more days to go
Ghosties and ghoulies and monsters galore
Come out, come out wherever you all are!
Eleven more days to go!
Ten more days til Howl-o-ween
Ten more days to go
What a great costume, Mister Dracula!
Ten more days to go!
Nine more days til Howl-o-ween
Nine more days to go
Let’s all take the tour of Transylvania
Nine more days to go!
Eight more days til Howl-o-ween
Eight more days to go
What time is the broom flight to Salem town?
Eight more days to go!
Seven more days til Howl-o-ween
Seven more days to go
Scarecrows are dancing in the pumpkin patch
Seven more days to go!
Six more days til Howl-o-ween
Six more days to go
Candle flames flicker in a graveyard gale
Six more days to go!
Five more days til Howl-o-ween
Five more days to go
Ghouls up in the attic playing with ghosts
Five more days to go!
Four more days til Howl-o-ween
Four more days to go
Graveyard’s full of zombies digging up dirt
Four more days to go!
Three more days til Howl-o-ween
Three more days to go
Twenty pounds of candy – is that enough?
Three more days to go!
Two more days til Howl-o-ween
Two more days to go
The table’s set for a ghoulish buffet
Two more days to go!
One more day til Howl-o-ween
One more day to go
The decorations are finally done
and we’re all ready for lots of ghoul fun!
One more day to go!

A special thanks to Kath for writing and supplying this little dity to keep you in the spirit!

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