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 The IC FEAR Video FTP is a service I have put in place to serve as archive and reference location for haunters all over. If you have an internet connection, these files are readily available to you for review.

 This FTP is accessible to all via FTP application, a link to download an FileZilla is provided

 If you need a client FTP, they are available from either or

 I like FileZilla FTP (click the link for a copy (freeware) for those who don't want to hunt), but cuteFTP, bulletproof FTP or Flashfxp will do the trick. If you get errors running FileZilla after installation get this plug-in.

 If you need assistance configuring FileZilla, click here to learn how to do it.

 Rules of use:


When uploading videos, you need to have the following information for EACH video uploaded:

Folder with video creator, name of video, and ideally date shot as the folder name.

example: CMinion_Boomer_2_28_04 

In the folder you will have the video, and a text file with a short description of the video aptly named, following same protocol as naming the folder, minus date, in it place, desc.

example: CMinion_Boomer_desc.txt 

The video file name the way you originally saved it is just fine.

Within the created folder place the txt file and the vid file, and upload as an entity.

 You need to place your uploaded videos in the appropriate corresponding folders at the time of upload, we DO NOT have the time or inclination to view every video uploaded to review, and write descriptions, let alone sort them into categories.

 Please be sure to upload videos that have not been compressed into the uncompressed folder section. Folks have volunteered their time and resources to compress these files to save on bandwidth, saving you time downloading them, and allowing more people access concurrently.


When downloading videos:

 You are limited to a 3 hour login per session, grab and go!

 Only use a single login if you are using an FTP client, unless you are going to upload with one connection, and download with the other.

 If I see multiple download connections from a single IP address, I WILL BAN THAT IP ADDRESS FROM ALL  MINIONS WEB FTPs. It is greedy and hogging my bandwidth, it will only slow down your downloads, and likely lose data.

 You need to use a client FTP application to access this FTP server.

 If you need assistance configuring FileZilla, click here to learn how to do it.

 You can try my current IP

port:667    login:ICFear

ftp://icfear:browser@ :667

This seems to work in Mozilla, FireFox, and IE.
Due to connection types and network configurations at your location,
I make no claim that this will work for you.
The best bet is to use an FTP client like Filezilla or WS_FTP LE

The site is as of

 I try to run the ftp 24/7, but as you know, systems can need to be rebooted.

Samples of Movie Files


To resolve NAT IP > internet > NAT FTP Connectivity

Anybody with NAT related connection issues such as failure to index, cannot build connection, or related errors on the FTP, it is due to your router and FTP application configuration. Use FileZilla

For Routers, in options, click on bind to IP: <set to your external IP>. Next set localport range : lower port to higher port. Set IP forward in your router to the IP you are using.  Finally be sure to turn off pasv.

Additionally, I no longer use IP Masq/Nat/Internal IP, so check or uncheck the tick in the advanced tab on the set up of the connection manager for this account

To resolve Browser FTP Connectivity


To resolve Firewall Issues

Folks using firewall applications, it is critical that you set port 666 as open! 
This is the port that the FTP operates on, if that port is not open, you will not be able to connect.

If you want to ask a question regarding the files in this ftp, please email me

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