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  • Suppliers and Products - an important area, the list of supplier link that offer items essential in the creation of our haunt, the most trivial components to the incredibly detailed completed effects. Everything from 3D glasses to X10 software and devices.

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.. Halloween Celebrations .. - recipes - Halloween Celebrations was first constructed in 1998. As you journey through it's pages you'll find all sorts of ghoulish goodies. This specific page is for a number of recipes, be sure to see the entire site.
12v_organ.htm - how to - pictoral diagram illustrates how to wire the elements of a "direct connect" color organ, which uses 12 volt bulbs. By Jim Kadel.
13 pumpkin ave - recipes - Halloween Recipes of all varieties.
2 Scary Guys Halloween How-To Projects - haunt - Find lots of unique projects and information for your Halloween enjoyment. Whether you are a beginning haunter wanting to add some excitement for trick-or-treating, or you want to improve your haunted house, we have lots of information and unique projects for you here at 2scaryguys. We have added new topics, including Haunt CD Reviews, an ongoing survey of music, sounds, and effects that are available for Haunters.
2003projects - haunt - We are Sommer and Casey and we live in Clearwater, Florida. We have been doing serious haunts for 4 years now - extensive haunt site with project pages
Fright Farm - haunt - It is said that on the last night of the tenth month, a great rift in time will appear in the center of a small farm in Maryland. The main structure, a 100-year-old barn, will be taken over by haunted lost souls. There is no telling what will be seen in the multitude of rooms and passages! Do you dare to explore the unknown chambers? Come and join us to face YOUR fears at 9993 Chapel Road, Easton, MD. Lots of pictures of projects and the haunt. By Chris Cummins.

3D Plastics - materials - Your Plastics needs with Service you expect. - how to - A foam latex recipe
A Gothic Season - haunt - It is our intention to share with you a few pictures,screensavers, themes, some of our favorite links and a few pics of my weird family, By JIM FEISTHAMEL
ABS cannon page - hot to - Some ABS constructed Launchers and cannons, with examples of stress fracturing (unlike schrapnel producing PVC)

ACCOUTREMENTS - Outfitters of Popular Culture - supplier - Accoutrements only sells in wholesale quantites to qualified retail buyers. (the Archie McPhee Wholesale division)
Haytcher Halloween Photo Gallery - haunt - Photos of props and projects
Air Cannon - how to - an air cannon is an old Fun House effect that has been widely used in haunts for years. It is a device that shoots a burst of air at an unsuspecting victim. The air cannon will blast around the ankle/calf area at about 90 PSI, which gives the initial feeling of being grabbed around the ankles, by Scary Terry. - supplier - ControlAir Inc. is a leading manufacturer of general and precision air pressure regulators, I/P transducers, E/P transducers and frictionless diaphragm air cylinders.
haunt - Alba's Halloween Madness - This web site will give you step-by-step instructions on how to build your own haunted cemetery. Plus many how tos, epitaphs, recipes and more
Allen's Halloween Page Dangling Crank Spider - how to - A colorful spider with a three-foot leg span hangs from the ceiling of my porch about 6 feet high. The legs move in a rhythmic wave pattern. It's lit so the legs cast long, creepy, moving shadows down the front of my house
Allen's Halloween Page Falling Chandelier - When a visitor steps through the front door, a 16" chandelier in the foyer falls about a foot making a loud thump, and then rocks violently back and forth. The lights on the chandelier flicker. It then slowly raises and resets itself. Rules - Usenet group rules, subscribe using your newsreader application.
Garner Holt Productions, Inc. - Animatronics & Animatronic Figures Since 1977, Garner Holt Productions has been known throughout the world as an innovator and creator of unique and extraordinary animated robotics, dark rides, show action equipment, theme environments and magical special effects.
ArmyofDarkness - Display of Blucky skeletons laying siege on your victims...errrr ToTers. From the HorrorDome.
Arts & Leisure Gross Out (The Boston Phoenix . 10-27-97) - Gummy-worm Jell-O, Spaghetti and Eyeballs, Pig Knuckles On Toothpicks, And Other Halloween "Treats"
As Fast As Possible Audio DSP for Windows 95-98-NT - The program lets you add some FX to your input (eg MIC, LINE IN, MIDI, CD all the devices you have on your soundcard) in REALTIME (or as fast as your computer can handle it). The FX are (for now) PITCH (lower or raise) Distortion (hehe) Flanger and Reverb. It lets you add them in your defined order.
AXSON - Resins, Composites and Adhesives - Formulation, manufacturing and distribution of resins (polyurethanes, epoxies, silicones, etc.) and high technology composite materials for advanced applications
Barnes Products - Suppliers of silicone rubber, polyurethanes, epoxys, polyester resin, and many other materials to the mouldmaking, patternmaking,modelmaking and special effects industries
Skeleton Tub - Project to make a sleleton getting soaked by a shower in a tub, by Jamie Martini
Bela Kosmetik - Theatrical and professional make up and suppliers for your haunt
BestTechnology - Japanese Robotics supply and information.
Bill Grundmann's PS99 Vortex Ring Generator - The VRG emits smoke rings approximately 3 feet in diameter, project plans
Bimba Manufacturing Company - Bimba Manufacturing Company was founded in 1957 when Charles Bimba invented an inexpensive, non-repairable, stainless steel body air cylinder to replace small bore repairable cylinders. The product has since become an industry standard and Bimba remains the leading manufacturer of this type of cylinder
bit-tech LED calculator - A question that often comes up is "what resistor should I use with my LED?" This calculator helps determine that for you. Fill in the top three fields, then press find R to calculate your resistor value.
Blackwood Haunted Attraction - Home haunt, how tos, supplies and pictures, by Jeannette
Blood and Bullets for no-budget movies - As in the title, how to make blood & bullet effects, by Eijit
BLOODY-DISGUSTING Like Horror Movies - Horror Movie News & reviews
Blue Bell Design - Microprocessor chips and boards, plus technical information
Bob's Halloween Page - Picture and projects for your hauntby Bob Andrews
Bonny Doon Engineering - metalsmithing and molding tools
Booga Holler - Mostly fluff, but the Death Penalty game should appeal to weeners
Bowden's Hobby Circuits - collection of electronic circuits for the hobbyist or student. Site includes over 100 circuit diagrams, links to related sites, commercial kits and projects, newsgroups and educational areas
Brain Gelatin Mold - Brain Jello mold recipe courtesy of Archie McPhee
Buckys - Pictorial of corpsing buckies at different stages, by Terry Haunt.
Build your personnal CNC machine for cutting wings from polystyrene foam - Meant for home model airplane builders, but the design is adaptable for machining your own tombstones and foam art - Site with plans and layouts for making your own CNC hardware, great for haunters tombstones and foamworks
Bulbrite - Bulbrite Industries, Inc. is a leading distributor and importer of light bulbs - Our goal is to offer you monsters you would be proud to display in your home, Through our masks, puppets, and displays, we would like to bring back that feeling you must have had as a kid
Carnage Industries - has the widest selection of haunted house supplies and magic. We carry an enormous line of halloween costumes and masks, props, animatronics, special effects, books, videos and magic illusions
Casting a skull in Latex - As stated, by Upier
Castle of - True Ghost Stories - AGHS Australian Ghost Hunters Society
Cat's Eyes - Vaseline marbles illuminated with UV LEDS, great effect, by Jim Kadel
chair - Picture of Death Chair fabricated from stock lumber.
chiller - cooler style fog chiller using PVC, wood, and hardwarecloth to make drop in ice basket, by Hearseman
ChipCorder digital sound recorder - "how-to" on incorporating a digital sound recorder, specifically an ISD 2500 series ChipCorder from Winbond electronics, into your Halloween projects, by Scary Terry
Cinema Insomnia - Campy and cult film reviews, forums, articles and more
Classic-Horror - dedicated to exploring and celebrating the history of the horror film, through reviews, articles, and interactive discussion on the forums
Cleopatra Inside Ancient Egypt at The Field Museum - explore a complex portrait of one of history’s most fascinating women. Learn about her non-Egyptian heritage, her role as pharaoh and goddess, and how her exotic image affected the styles of ancient Rome
Clickable Mummy - Click on different parts of the Mummy to view interesting facts and information about the mummification process
Clippard Online - We take pride in manufacturing high quality miniature pneumatic components with worldwide distribution
cmerise - Here is a rising foam tombstone made with a BBQ motor
CNC Foam Cutting - How to build a CNC foam cutting machine, very nice pictures.
Coffin Boy - started out as just a coffin to lay on the ground as as static prop, To make the prop scarier, we decided to lean it up against a wall and have the door swing open when someone walked by, uses washer solenoid, plastic skeleton, 1 washing machine solenoid, 1 small length of chain, and 1 coffin (Casa De Sades Toe Pincher Plans). This prop turned out to be a pretty easy prop to make.
Coilhose Pneumatics Air Tool Accessories and Air Line Controls - Manufacturer of Air Tool Accessories and Air Line Controls. From hose and tubing to blowguns to FRLs to quick disconnects, we have it all. We pride ourselves on providing unsurpassed quality, superior product design, outstanding customer service, and a vast array of products
cold Candles - This is a 1-watt lamp that works great in any place where you'd like to use a candle but can't. It doesn't heat up, making it ideal for use around cobwebs and other combustible materials. All you need is a length of 3/4" PVC pipe, a C7 lamp socket, an electrical cord with a plug, and a flicker bulb
Color Kinetics Home - a pioneer in the design, marketing and licensing of intelligent solid-state lighting systems. The company's award-winning product lines combine the increasing advantages of LEDs as a light source with its patented digital control technology for use in wide-ranging applications, solid-state lighting devices, digital controllers and software for use in high-performance lighting projects
Columns - column is built from 1/2" plywood, 1x5, some half round moulding and a plastic bat wall decoration, by Eric
Construction of the Twins 2002 - Constructed with plastic milk crates, some liquid nails, Great Stuff, 1 1/2 inch PVC, Monster mud, zip ties, Latex Skulls, coat hangers, chicken wire, flanel sheets, a lot of paint, faux flames, and Spar Varnish making standing figures, by Upier and his better half
corpsehead - This corpse head is made from a styrofoam wig head, that has been cut, burnt and covered in latex, also used some fake black hair, the body was made using the Duct Tape Double method, dressed in costume, with hands out of rubber kitchen gloves filled with spray foam insulation, then painted and glued cheap dollar store finger nails on, by Lexie
Creative VIsions On-line - is a team who have skills in concept, design, management and special effects. This team provides attractions with one source for their creative and management needs, additionally the offer products such as Animated Characters, Animated Creatures, Special F/X, Animated Props, Mechanical F/X, Props & Facades, Modular Dark Attractions, Fog Machines & More, Lighting Equipment, Sound Equipment, Automation Equipment and Do-It-Yourself Stuff
Creepy Classics Videos - A links list of horror movie and actor websites, a great leaping point for flick heads.
Cross Tombstone - a big Celtic cross made of foam, by Eric
Culinart, Inc. - Tallow - This web site is devoted to the classic culinary art of tallow sculpting. Culinart, Inc. founded by Chef Dominic Palazzolo in 1984, specializes in providing finished tallow sculptures, bulk tallow for any tallow carving project, and tallow sculpting supplies including tallow sculpting tools, carvable styrofoam blocks, and food safe, silicone mold making materials.
CW COACH SALES - Source for Hearses Limousines Ambulances Specialty Cars, all in one location in Cincinatti, Ohio
Cybergraphic Designs, Inc. - Makeup Effects & Supply Co. featuring Adhesives & Removers, Blacklight Reactive Blood & Build-up Makeup, Books, Casting Latex & Cold Foam Kits, Equipment & Tools, GM Foam Latex Kits & Components, Lifecasting, Sculpting, & Molding Supplies, Makeup Brushes & Applicators, Makeup for Latex Prosthetics, Makeup - Alcohol Activated, Makeup Kits, Makeup Removers, Powders & Sealers, Props, Prosthetic Appliances - Foam Latex & Other Materials, Teeth & Eyes, Video Tapes, Temporary Tatoos, Wigs & Hair Goods, plus Industry News, Product Instructions, MSDS sheets and some How-To's
Demand Products Inc. - Hot Wire Machines and Hot Knives for EPS Foam Cutting, EIFS Tools and Products, AAC, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products, ICF & SIPs Products, Foam Coatings for Entertainment, Theater, Sculpture, Arts & Crafts, and Architectural Details
Designed Computing Systems - Foam Cutting Software and Foam Cutting Utilities - Foam Works 3.0 CNC software specifically designed to drive a 4-axis hot wire foam cutter via the parallel port of any Windows based computer running Win98, WinME, WinXP or Win2K. Foamworks can cut any shape that can be drawn using any of the common CAD programs and then converted to a DAT.
Di Stefano Productions - Corpses For Sale. Halloween and Horror Props. Each corpse is Hand Crafted and is very durable in construction, fully articulated, extremely realistic
Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) - Mexican celebration, is a day to celebrate, remember and prepare special foods in honor of those who have departed. On this day in Mexico, the streets near the cemeteries are filled with decorations of papel picado , flowers, candy calaveras (skeletons and skulls), and parades. A number of useful informative links from this page.
Digital Sound and Lighting - Digital Products and Services for the Amusement Industry - Digital Audio Repeaters, Light Controllers, Sound, Lighting, Special Effects, Automation, Props and Holiday Displays
Digital Sound Device - Homemade Digital Sound for your Haunt - have pre-recorded sounds reset to the same starting point after each playback. Utilize a cheap digital keychain recorder/player. However, playback with enough amplification is an issue. Here's an under $ 40., build it yourself, portable solution using Radio-Shack equipment, By Jim Kadel
Digital Sound Recorder With Amplified Sound - how to adapt the voice recorder to have an external powered speaker and a way to trigger the sound to play back at the same time my effect goes off, by TrueOak
Digital Sound with Haunt Timer Control - instructions as to how to modify and connect a digital sound recorder to a speaker, and how to be connected to a haunt timer for a complete sound and prop control system, by Jim Kadel
Discover Circuits - Light Flashing Circuits - Start at the root, select List of Electronic Schematic Categories includes new circuits & links to 9000+ schematics, browse to L, then select Light Flashers. Look around this site, there are many many useful circuits listed here!
Distortions Online - Source for Animatronics, Displays & Props, Set Design, Costumes, Masks and Effects supplies.
DJ World - DJ World was created over 25 years ago with one specific goal, to provide DJs and nightclubs with an environment of their own. Providing Audio, Bags, Cases & Racks, CDs & Records, Karaoke Hardware, Karaoke Software, Monitors/TVs, Lighting, Visual Effects, & Rentals
Don's light, lamp and strobe site! - helpful hints and ideas for electronic hobbyists, as well as some lighting related info that you might find useful or at least interesting. Articles covering LEDs in General | Bright and Efficient LEDs Lighting Top Page | Incandescant and Halogen Lamps | Fluorescent Lamps | Compact Fluorescent - General Info | Discharge Lamp, Neon, HID, Mercury, Metal Halide, Sodium General Info | Short Arc Lamps | Xenon Strobe Top Page | Sam G.'s Strobe FAQ | Strobe, Parts Suppliers | Parts for Building Big Strobes | Xenon Strobe Hazards and Safety | Volt/watt/joule general guidelines for specific popular flashtubes | UV lamps, general info and EPROM erasing | Odd and Unusual Lamps | Some Tech Principles of Discharge Lamps | High Voltage Stuff | Tesla Coils | Plasma Spheres / Lightning Globes | Jacobs Ladders | Carbon Arcs | Silly Neon Lamp Tricks | Lasers - my bit | Sam G.'s Mighty Laser FAQ | Infrared Filtering
Don't miss this EVENT! - Our nostalgic evening Drive-In extravaganza will feature an outdoor full-size Drive-In screen with 35mm projection and stereo sound. The event will feature celebrity guests, 35mm screenings of classic short subjects, several full-length features, nostalgic drive-in intermission trailers, vintage classic coming attractions and many other surprises
Dr Gangrene's Mad Lab of Terror! - Chiller Cinema is hosted by Dr. Gangrene, Physician of Fright and certified loony! It's a half hour show that is aired weekly in the Middle Tennessee region, as well as other cities across the country
drinks2 - A good selection of Potent Potable recipes, assembled by Uncle Deathy
drop skeleton - a "drop skeleton" to suddenly scare patrons, by Jim Kadel Dry Ice Information - The Web's leading source of Information about Dry Ice. There are some very useful tips hints and halloween ideas here!
dummy - very simple dummy, constructed from body shaped piece of wood, draped cape or fabric & add hands and a head, by Jamie
Surplus Traders - Surplus Traders is a World-Class "ON-LINE" wholesale distributor and clearing house for surplus electronic, computer and hi-tech parts and equipment. In addition to a very large inventory, Surplus Traders maintains a huge, thoroughly organized and accurately described, cataloged and finely indexed database listing thousands of excess electronic items available worldwide
ELECTRIC TRADING - Blower Wheels, Blowers, Fans, Fan Blades, Industrial Fans, Cooling Fans, Circulators, Exhaust, Ventilation Equipment, Forced Air Heaters, Motors, Pumps
Enchanted Castle Studio - From custom construction or from any of our thousands of molds, we can masterfully create structurally sound fiberglass creations to fit your particular application. We build lifelike human figures, animals, cartoon characters, trees, caves, rocks, facades, monsters, mascots, dinosaurs, leprechauns, gargoyles, waterfalls, giants and things you can't even imagine.
Doorway to the Dead - Paranormal Investigation website
The Gallery of Monster Toys - is dedicated to preserving a disappearing facet of our popular culture. Vintage monster toys are typically overlooked by collectors, largely because they seem obsolete in today's world
FX Factory - Is a group of specialists in the areas of Graphic, Industrial & Fibers design, Electronics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Computer Systems, Sculptures, Communications and Marketing, that gather more than 13 years of experience to provide a global service to the stage, film, photography, advertise & Television industry - is a web site, which is dedicated to offer information on electronics found from the web. Every link in this site is carefully chosen and handpicked. was originally born from Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Info Pages. All the information found from there can now be found here. The content of this site is continuously renewed so that new and useful information is available to electronics professionals students and hobbyist
everthing Scary - Is a large entertainment portal for scary related: sites, news, pictures, articles, stories, movies, and much more. The site was originally created as a horror link directory and has since grown into a large entertainment website.
Eerie eyeballs - Wonderfully disgusting recipe.
Fabco-Air,Inc. - Our product line includes Pancake cylinders, Square-1 cylinders, tie rod cylinders, Multi-Power cylinders and presses and Global Series extruded body cylinders. Our automation components consist of many styles of linear slides, rotary actuators, angular and parallel grippers. To supplement the above Fabco-Air offers a full line of control valves, both solenoid and manually controlled, flow controls, and reed, proximity and solid-state electronic sensors
Facades FX Biographies - Reel FX™ is our signature line of pre-made latex prosthetics. There are over 56 different styles in the line from simple wounds and horns, to large character kits. But all of the kits are easy to apply and come complete with application instructions plus adhesive and remover!
FCG LED Battery Pack - How to for adding an enclosed battery case and LED eyes to an FCG marionette, by edye blencowe
Festival of the Dead - Halloween is the time of year when the shades of the dead whisper from forgotten places and spirits walk among us. The Witches of Salem honor this time with Festival of the Dead, an annual event series that explores death’s macabre customs, heretical histories, and strange rituals
Festo - Industrial Automation - Festo is a world-leading supplier of automation technology. Our product range includes drives, valves, valve terminals, handling and assembly technology, service units for compressed air, connection technology, vacuum technology, position and quality checking, sensors, control technology and bus systems. These comprise a wide spectrum of products from individual pneumatic components and assemblies through to turnkey systems
Fetch's Haunted Campsite 2003 - Picture series of personal haunt, by Fetch
FixturePronto - proudly offers: Cable and Rod Suspension Systems, Chairs, Crowd Control Systems, Display Forms & Busts, Store Furniture, Garment Racks, Glass Display Systems, Gondola Shelving, Grid and Gridwall Accessories, Slatwall Panels and Slatwall Accessories, Lighting Systems, Literature Racks, Mannequins and Mannequin Alternatives, Mirrors, Perimeter Hardware, Plastic Display Products, Showcases and Cash/Wrap Counters, Sign Holders, Hangers, Steamers, Tagging Systems, Tables and most any other type of store fixture or display system in wood, metal glass or plastic
Flicker Lantern - How to convert an oil burner hurricane/railroad lamp into an AC antiqued flicker lamp
flying gargoyle - Mostly pictorial how to for a home made gargoyle from a bucky, model magic, PVC, latex, fishing line, and cheesecloth.
Fog Machines - Making Fog Hug The Ground - want the fog to hung the ground rather than disperse through out the air? We designed our Fog Chiller to be easy to build, relatively inexpensive and be a completely self-contained unit that could be moved around as needed. Made from a 48 quart cooler, ABS plastic pipe, hardware cloth, hose clamps, silicone caulk, flat black spray paint, and of course a Fog machine
Following Faces - Where ever you go, they Look! Simple project how to, made with a Black light, fluorescent spray paint, black paint, Inverted Face, Box painted black inside
Spooky Edible Eyes - From Alton Brown of Good Eats
FreaX FX - is a Norwegian Special Make-Up Effects company. We do advanced make-up effects, appliances, masks, dummies, bodies and bodyparts, animatronic creatures and elements, suits, and so on
GE Toshiba - RTV Silicones Answer Center - RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanization) Silicones Frequently Asked Questions. Lots of useful information, not specific to GE silicons.
FrightSearch.Com The Horror Brainchild Lives Here - A portal, difficult to describe, annoying to navigate, but does have a lot of movie and horror content
FX Warehouse Inc. - Supplies For FX Artists And Scenic Studios - offering: Adhesives Adhesive & Makeup Removers, Alginates & Plaster Bandages, Air Brush Makeup, Bald Caps - Skin Heads, Blacklite Makeup & Powder Pigments, Bloods, Clays & Epoxie Putty, Cold Foam - A/B Urethane Foam, Eyes, Fangs & Dental Supplies, Gelatin - Kits - Flocking - Sorbitol, Foam Latex & GM Products, Gloves: Vinyl & Black Dragon Latex, Hair Supplies, Kryolan, Latex, Paint Base - Pigments - Sealers, Lifecast, Belly & Bodycasting Supplies, Makeup: Aquacolor, Dayglo & Metallic, Creme Foundations, Special FX Kits, Alcohol Activated, Wheel Palettes, Face & Body, Model Kit Supplies, Morticians Waxes - Puttys, Plaster - Mold Supplies - Hemp, Pros-Aide Ahesives, Plastics 2 Part (PourCast), Release Agents & Sealers, Rubber Mask Grease Paint, Sculpting Tools, Shop Supplies, Silicones, Sponges - Brushes - Powders, Stop Motion Puppet Supplies, Urethane Pigments, Videos & DVDs : How To!! Wounds & Cuts Materials
Gargor's Lair - Horror section including movie news and links. Vampire section of your favorite Vampires in television and the movies. Halloween favorite holiday tricks and treats! Ghostly Grounds mainly for the younger set but adults like it too!! Humor - Pics, 'toons, and jokes for the lighter side of horror and halloween & Links
The Ghastlee Movie Show - with your congenital host A. Ghastlee Ghoul, has churned out the finest in late-nite cable-access dreck. Now the horror/comedy/ musical/rhetoric/schlock-a-thon spews all over your p.c. (that's your personal computer AND your political correctness). It's Video-Vaudeville for a jaded Generation - True Ghost Stories - Live Discussion Forum - 24 Hour Supernatural Chat
Ghosting - What exactly, is "Ghosting"? It is the practice of pre-treating your neighbors.... start with a paper ghost, fill a plate with candy, sneak over to a neighbor's houses, hang the ghost on the door, leave the candy plate on the porch, ring the doorbell, and run. Before long, EVERYONE has a ghost hanging on the knob
Ghostly Manor Haunted House - Sandusky, Ohio - this is one of the best Haunted Houses they have ever seen. Ghostly Manor is a non-stop, very high startle event that contains the best in "Haunted House" technology. Ghosts lurk in every corner as you wander through this old mansion. See if you can make it all the way through as Ghostly Manor's spirits come alive and reveal your deepest fears. Nightmares become reality
GM Foam hot foam latex kits - is ideal for prosthetic makeup appliances and animatronic creature skins. It can be made to feel extremely soft, or dense and tough like leather, depending on the procedure and additives used. GM Foam is also used for costuming and for stop-motion animation figures
Goblin Greeter - reprint of magazine article to make somewhat elaborate ghost greeter, by D. Derek Verner
Gore Galore - proudly manufacture a completely original line of Halloween decorations, and Haunted House supplies & props. Our exclusive line consists of: corpses, severed heads, skulls, body forms, oversized creature costumes, pneumatic and motorized animated effects, giant puppets, and more...
Graftobian Theatrical Makeup - is a manufacturer and distributor of virtually every type of make-up. DISGUISE STIX® Face Painting Make-Up, FESTIVAL® of Holland, Color and Glitter Hairsprays and Gels and GRAFTOBIAN THEATRICAL® Make-Up and accessories for stage, TV, film, special effects, etc.
Gravestones - How to Make a Styrofoam Gravestone, description only, by Uncle Deathy
Gremlin Lites - 12" latex balloons (white) & Glowsticks in blown up balloons in the pool, or add helium, some string and a stake in the air, by Uncle Deathy.
Grim Rides Funeral Car Club - It's Hearse, not Hurst © - Grim Rides is a group of funeral car fiends based in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Central Valley of CA. We get together once in a blue moon to hang out and talk hearses
Gypsy's Funeral Parlor - There is nothing to be afraid of because death is a normal part of life, so why not look at the lighter side of it when we can?
Hack the Flash - This project gives you a portable strobe flash that emits a beam more powerful than most commercial 20-50W units on the market. It has a recharge cycle of 6 to 20 seconds between firings (depending on battery strength) and will work anywhere you need the light. This device emits a very intense burst of light
Hair Spray Spud Gun - Detailed and illustrated Potato Bazooka Plans
Halloween 2000 - Upiers halloween website with pictures from gatherings, conferences, his haunt, parties, how to pages, and more.
The (Halloween) Costume Page - This portion of The Costume Page is dedicated to helping you come up with the best costumes for Halloween! If you can't find what you're looking for here, check out the other sites listed at the bottom of this page. If you're looking for the most comprehensive collection of costuming resources available on the internet, including links for costume history, ethnic costume, theatrical costuming, and costume organizations and events, go directly to The Costume Page.
Halloween Darksite of Uncialle - How to Haunt Page - Uncialle invites you to share her how-to secrets. Make a mummy, stuff a scarecrow, set little eye-demons aglow in the night, haunt your own pocket cemetery, or brew up a batch of bright red blood! Here you will find many quick, easy, and inexpensive projects to make this Halloween your eeriest! Photographs of the finished projects are on display, and each project begins with a list of materials needed.
Uncialle's Ghoulish Ghoulash Pages - On Uncialle's Ghoulish Ghoulash Pages you will find food that is good and creepy. Sink your teeth into Quicksand. Bite a Witch's Fingernails. Pour a little Blood Sauce onto your Jell-O Brains, and don't forget the gummy worms. This is party food just for that sinister time of year. Uncialle's Halloween food is easy to make, not too fussy, is full of flavor and interest, and your guests will love it. Many of these dishes are equally suitable for any strange party
Halloween Directory costumes, party, decorations ideas and resources
Halloween Expo - We are a year round supplier of costumes for any occasion. We carry a wide selection of Adult Men's and Women's Costumes, as well as Children's, Toddlers and Infant Costumes. A full assortment of Wigs, Makeup, and Accessories to make your costume the best around
Halloween Games - presented by 13 Pumpkin Ave. here are a number of children and adult games to include in your halloween party
Halloween Haunted Houses - A listing of haunted houses and corn field mazes in Washington State
Halloween History the Real Origins - discusses the history of Halloween, the origins of trick-or-treating, reasons behind some of the symbols of the season, and why the holiday is well worth keeping and celebrating. Previous versions of this essay specifically contrasted the historical evidence with the absurd claims and urban legends used in most anti-Halloween propaganda. I have now put those latter materials into their own essay, Halloween Errors and Lies, since it seems that many people have never seen or heard those fearmongering tales and could not understand why I would spend so much space discussing them within an historical essay
Halloween Howl - great ideas that you can use this Halloween. Our featured Halloween Theme Party Ideas page will give you some tips on planning a great Halloween party. If you are planning a Halloween party for this year, whether for kids or adults, be sure to order one of my 3 complete Halloween Party theme ebooks. Each ebook includes everything you will need to throw a frightfully fantastic Halloween party! You'll find ideas on Halloween decorations, Halloween games, Halloween invitations, Halloween costumes and more to make your party a spooktacular success. Check out the Articles page for great Halloween information on Halloween safety tips, Halloween costume safety, how to deal with your pets on Halloween, and more. Read up on the history of Halloween, find out how why we carve pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns and surprise your family and friends with your knowledge of Halloween superstitions
HALLOWEEN IN INDIANA - how to - Black Light Strobe Circuit using UV-LED's
Halloween is Here - Fun & Games Ghost Stories Rancid Recipes Costume Ideas Safety Tips Haunted House HIH Store Haunted Art Buried Alive Ghoul School History Send A Card Contest Graveyard Links Tagboard
Halloween is Here Costume Ideas Makeup and Tips - Printable Halloween Costume Ideas, Makeup and More
Halloween Jokes - to keep you laughing all year long: Ghost Ghoul Mummy Odd Pumpkin Skeleton Vampires Witch Werewolf Jokes
Halloween Magic Guide - MagicTricks.Com - MAGIC TRICKS | COSTUME IDEAS | HISTORY | HOUDINI . HALLOWEEN GUIDE ALL NEW FOR 2005 Find everything you need to make a spooky Halloween celebration. Choose from fun Halloween sites, Local Haunted Attractions, and scarier Horror Sites. Great Halloween magic tricks, Build Your Own Props! - For all your HALLOWEEN MASK and HALLOWEEN PROP and HALLOWEEN PRODUCT needs
Halloween Beacon - Built it and they will come! You spent days turning your front yard in to a haunted place of dread with lights, cob webs, fog and as icing on the Halloween cake you've built a complete graveyard. The night finally arrives and to your disappointment you only get a few trick or treaters, and only those because they were lost. Well, our Halloween Beacon might be just want you need! Like the Holy Grail of Halloween, our beacon can be seen for hundreds of yards and is immediately recognizable by trick or treaters as the symbol of Halloween. Its easy to build and even if you get plenty of trick or treaters this great decoration looks really cool!
Fog Chiller - Filling the night air with menacing fog, which your trick-or-treaters must venture through and wonder what could be lurking within it, a fog machine is an absolute must for a truly creepy Halloween haunt or party. But there are times when you might want the fog to hung the ground rather than disperse through out the air. A perfect example would be for a graveyard scene in your front yard. Instead of filling the air, you want the fog to slowly drift over the ground, around tombstones and over burial mounds, or maybe you'd like it to flow out from under your porch or even over your roof. Unfortunately, the very nature of how these machines produce fog makes this difficult, as the fog fluid is heated to generate fog which comes out hot and rises in the air. To discourage the fog from rising it has to be cooled down before it is released into the air. The general idea is to build a device that the hot fog enters and is cooled down as it passes through. A Fog Chiller. We designed our Fog Chiller to be easy to build, relatively inexpensive and be a completely self-contained unit that could be moved around as needed
Vortex - As your trick or treaters walk into your foggy yard, ahead of them is a swirling vortex glowing the the air. This is a really eerie effect that is guaranteed to impress your trick or treaters. And it requires only a few items to create. A Holiday Light Projector A Fog Machine Black Book Cover Paper
Halloween Recipes - Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner | Drink | Dessert - Printable Halloween Recipes to spice up your table!
Halloween Recipes - Delectable Desserts Horrific Hors D'ouvres Gory Gross-Out Foods Monsterous Main Dishes Deadly Drinks Scary Sandwiches - Samhain Eve, in Erse, Oidhche Shamhna, is one of the principal festivals of the Celtic calendar, and is thought to fall on or around the 31st of October. It represents the final harvest. In modern Ireland, the name by which Halloween is known in the Irish language is still "Oíche Shamhna".... Celebrations Costumes & Masks Decorations Entertaining General Halloween Graveyards Halloween Art Halloween Cooking Halloween Events Halloween Fiction Halloween Music Halloween Safety Haunted Houses Horror Related Myths & History Pumpkin Carving
Halloween Spooks Halloween Recipes - more than a dozen Ghoulish Halloween Recipes with links to others
Halloween Spooks Prop Recipes - Fake Blood And other Recipes
Halloween Store - All items are hand-picked by the Ghouls and Guise of so you will have a terrific Halloween! Music & Sound Effects Candles & Lighting Candy Low Carb Treats Costumes Flowers Art Prints & Posters Halloween Books Decorations & Party Supplies Our Favorite Scary Movies & DVDs Tarot Cards - hmmm, weak on content but there are some good tidbits in here. Welcome to Haunted Houses List Rules Games and Things: Witch Hunt Pumpkin Throw Bin Ladan Halloween Nice Tune What is wrong with this? Maze
Halloween2000 - Keebas How To pages to make a predominantly transparent FCG Phantom
Halloween2002 - Here are some of the new pictures of creatures and creepy crawlies that came to life at the Manor this year. Along with a few of our new guests that moved into the cemetery, from Stafford Manor - hand selects the finest products offered by the haunting and theatrical industries - Props Costume Party Makeup Tips
Hands of Hades Projects - Corpse on a Budget & 13 Hour Clock project synopsys, poke around for some earlier project pictorials
Hands of Hades - Hands of Hades is Albuquerque, New Mexico's Premier Scream Team of Fear Engineers and Panic Mechanics. We produce a 600 square foot haunt in the Allen family Garage every year for Halloween.
hank - How To - Hank is loosely based on a combination of Larry Lund's Leaping Loafer and a design called 'Body Slinger.'
Haunt Search - Online Directory For Haunted Attractions - We've scoured the net, in search of the coolest haunts and best sites!
Haunted Attraction Magazine Online - How To detail for Repeating Dimmer
Haunted Hamilton - dedicated to the research and investigation of history and hauntings around the World, based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada . Our Main goal is not only to report hauntings and folklore, but as well to call everyone's attention to the preservation of the historic areas and buildings. We report hauntings and folklore, we coordinate "paranormal" related events and psychic investigations, and we provide a place for people to tell their stories.
The Boneyard Haunted House - The BONEYARD features over 40 BONE chilling scenes, a no waiting-line ticketing system and bad to the BONE special effects. There will be food, mucis, games, all indoor in our 165,000 square foot building located in the heart of the DFW metroplex in Arlington Tx.
Haunted Memories - Morphing Portraits - they are especially fitting for a Halloween party or a Haunted House attraction, they are more than just mere props. I consider them gothic works of art which can be displayed all year round (if you're spooky like me!) They make wonderful conversation pieces and even better gifts!
HAUNTED VENTURES FX - offering Halloween merchandise for sale via mail order and through the Internet. This special service is made available to both the general public as well as to any interested businesses including other Halloween production companies. Merchandise available include adult size costumes, masks, makeup, props (both static and animated) and glow products (i.e., necklaces, light sticks, etc.) Haunted Ventures FX also offers an extensive line of special visual effect merchandise including fog machines, strobe lights, black lights, mirror balls, DJ Club Lighting and more!
Haunted Village - Animated Props - Books & Videos - Costumes - Magic Supplies Makeup - Masks - Special Effects - Set Dressing - Talking Creatures - Tombstones - is everything you ever wanted in a Spook House combined with everything you ever loved about a play, starring you as the victim!
Easy Latex Corpse Hands - How to - Want to make your own prop hands instead of buying them? These corpse hands are easy to make, look great, but best of all they are cheap! They are made from latex so they are durable and can even be posed.
Mask Making for Beginners - This how-to is designed just to give you a basic idea of how a mask is made. - Your visual source for Haunting How-To's a graphics based version of Monster list and Hallow-links pages
HauntSearch Magazine - The Haunt Industry's FIRST Online Magazine! - is a quarterly electronic magazine, viewed online. Subscribing is completely free and topics covered in this "e-publication" include: Interviews, Feature Stories, Industry Spotlight, Homegrown Haunts, Haunted Happenings, How-To's, In The Grinder: Product Reviews, & Unique Commentaries ™ - This site will shows how to create your own haunted house, yard, garage, or whatever you want to haunt. Our Guide for creating a haunt provides time tested advice covering many aspects of producing a haunt. See the Directory for a listing of the best home and pro haunts from across the US and around the world - submit your haunt today! Connect to the top haunted attraction websites in our Webring. Finally, see our recommendations for more great haunt links
Haven of Dark Blood - Horror tale writer website, not much to work with but a fantastic page of quotes is located within.
Hollywood Halloween Effects - your haunted house special effects supplier for scary sound effects and props, gag gifts, adult and child costumes, Spider Man, Stephen King evil hauntings and the Mummy. Also check out the other pages here, some really good ideas hidden within. - Source for glow products and novelties. We are one of the largest glow product suppliers in the country. We only carry premium quality products at everyday low wholesale prices
Honolulu Star-Bulletin Features - Creepy, crawly food definitely added to the holiday allure at our recent Halloween party for 15 children and their parents. My husband and a few friends prepared treats including Monster Mouth Pasta Shells filled with spinach and tuna casserole, a Silly Snake Sandwich filled with peanut butter and jelly, a Pumpkin Face Pizza, Tombstone Brownies, Rice Krispies Pumpkin Balls and more - Horror movies, scary films, news & forums since 1994.
Horrorfind Forums - Index - The forums at, you know the webspace providers, and conference hosts, here is the forum they support.
How can I make a didgeridoo for traveling - A didgeridoo is a musical instrument traditionally made by Australian aboriginals out of a eucalyptus branch which has been naturally hollowed out by termites. It is typically over four feet long and can weigh several tens of pounds. Because of their size and weight, didgeridoos can be rather awkward to take with you on the road. The Solution! One solution is to create a collapsible didgeridoo out of ABS pipe.
How To Build A Big Spudgun - When you are done with the basic spudgun and crave something more exciting, it is time to build the Big One. Measuring about 12 feet long, this spud chucker is sure to impress. I have not yet measured the total distance that this can fire because of space limitations, but it definately blows the basic spudgun away
howl - the pictorial Howl-To for the Skull fountain with some comments to help, by spike & drusilla
Humphrey Product Catalog - is a leader in the pneumatic industry, providing inventive, engineered solutions to organizations worldwide. On every project, we work to not only solve your fluid control challenges, but to also improve your overall production process. (they make pnuematics components like cylinders & valves)
Ice Hands - We've used these in our coffin, where we keep our beverages cold for the guests. It can add a little something eerie to your cooler or beverage holder, by uncle deathy
Illuminationz - We are direct wholesale distributors of chemical lights and other glow in the dark items. We are one of the few companies that can provide you with the lowest wholesale prices for the highest quality products around. Glow Bracelets Glow Necklaces Glow Sticks LED Lights
ImaginEERIEing - where you can find frightful ways to haunt your habitat with deranged decor and creepy crafts, some fantastic how tos, highly recommended!
Danos Secret Laboratory - Pictures of projects and some haunt details. By: Daniel Oberley
The Hallowed Grounds of 49650 Hudson Drive - Flying Crank Spiders Skeleton Sentry Tombstones Flying Ghost Lights, Fog, and More Flying Crank Ghost Rotating Body Parts Graveyard Thunder and Lighting Casket. Mostly pictures with some construction references.
International Toy Center - 7th Annual New York International Halloween Show November 28-December 2, 2005
Build a pulsing light - This is a really simple method of pulsing a light on and off continuously. It only takes about $25 and 15 minutes of your time. If you can use a screwdriver you can do this project!
It's My Party - Canada based Balloon supplier
John L. Burton's Theatrical Terror - is dedicated to "Creating Terrifying Illusions of Reality" in Haunted Attractions, Dark Amusements, Horror Films, Rock Videos and Scary Stage Productions or as we like to put it, "TERROR ENTERTAINMENT."Theatrical Terror offers a wide range of services from conceptualization to fabrication and decoration through operations and production. Theatrical Terror offers one of the best detailing decorating, fabricating and conceptualization services in the Haunted, Dark and Horror business
JoJo Bejano - Home - Renaissance Bridal and Festival Wear - offers costume styles for medieval, bridal and festival re-enactment events. The dresses are excellent quality, washable, with cinchable lacing in the back for an easy fit. Sizes small thru XXL in stock. 1X thru 4X custom orders. We also offer costume sales and rentals for men and women in our Alameda store. Costumes may also be ordered from our in-store catalogs. Discounts offered on costume rentals for large groups and school plays
Jute Netting (4' x 225' Roll) from - Natural fiber netting is widely used for erosion control on steep slopes and cuts. To anchor, use about 200 ground staples per roll. Can also be laid over straw and held down with staples for hillside mulching. Approximate mesh size is 3/5” x 4/5”. Unit Weight: 70 lbs.
Kate's Halloween Music List - Here is a list of some Halloween songs you might want to try and scare up...
Kid Wizard -- Create your own Spell - Create your own crazy potions with this fun potion maker game! Enter your word choices below and then press the "Create this crazy potion" button.
Kingsbury Cemetery Home Haunt - A charity Home Haunted House in Corning, NY, where folks are dying to get in
Las Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball - Named as "ONE OF THE TOP TEN EVENTS IN THE WORLD" by the Travel Channel, the FFHB is, according to Maxim Magazine. As always, there will be the unusual and wild, EROTIC STAGE PERFORMANCES as well as fire performers, seven incredible lasers systems, lights and sounds, world class DJ's, two haunted houses, a delicious slide show featuring the erotic photography of Justice Howard, vendors, a HUGE DANCE FLOOR, a separate hip- hop dance area, stilt walkers, freaks, monsters, SURPRISES AROUND EVERY CORNER, and you in your naughtiest, scariest, sexiest, and most creative costumes
LED Creature Eyes - There seems to be a lot of excitement of the various Halloween e-mail lists concerning LED eyes for creatures. I'm a little ambivalent about this, because with LED eyes it is easy to do something, but hard to do something good, by Dennis Griesser.
LED%20eyes - Simple diagram and explanation, by chuck
Lemax-SpookyTown.Com - Since 2001 Lemax-SpookyTown.Com has been a year-round home to Halloween the Lemax Spooky Town way! From ordering any piece in the Spooky Town collection to checking out the displays of fellow collectors, you can find it right here. Looking for those hard-to-find pieces or any of the items new to the collection? They are all just a click away!
Light-O-Rama - Computerized Lighting Controllers - Light-O-Rama is an affordable, computerized lighting system designed to control elaborate or simple lighting displays. The Light-O-Rama system can be applied to almost any lighting situation, from stand-alone controllers to synchronizing hundreds of controllers, motion detectors, animation servos and other devices using a personal computer or master controller. Light-O-Rama controllers are micro-processor based (miniature computers inside) and are equipped to produce a number of great lighting effects such as smooth ramping, cyclic/cross fading, dimming, twinkling and many others. Every Light-O-Rama controller can act as a Director or Companion controller. Even our most basic controller can "take charge", directing many controllers to create a synchronized lighting show. This gives you the ability to create a custom controller with an almost unlimited number of channels by simply plugging together smaller controllers.
linear - Over the years, I've gotten constantly increasing feedback about my LED series resistance calculator. And I've developed this site as a resource for different people with interest in LEDs. This site has information of interest to hobbyists wanting to use LEDs in projects, and homeowners interested in using LED lighting. I've attempted to take some of the latest information about LEDs in the lighting design arena, and make it accessible to people outside that field. I've also attempted to explain several practical considerations of using LEDs. And finally, there's material about the science behind LEDs, and advancements in technology. - All of the reasons you've haunted us before can still be found here. Please let us know if there is anything else you'd like to see during your haunts. NEW FEATURES: Creepy's Closet - Buy & Sell Halloween/Horror related products! Creepy's Crypt - Rate popular Horror movies, Share haunt tips and more. CHAT! - Chat with fellow haunters across the US and around the world. Crypt Shop - All new products in the refurbished Crypt Shop!! The Linctionary - Where all our ghoulish friends can instantly post a link
Make Your Own Coffin (Purse, That Is)! - How to - I saw a coffin purse in Hot Topic and thought, "Hey, I could make one something like that." It was actually bury easy. :) by
Zombie Make-Up - How to do a great zombie costume and make-up, by the folks at horrordome
Making Your Own ABS Didjeridu - How to - The trick, involved here, is shaping the ABS. Altering the shape will give one an instrument of unique character but one that cannot be tuned, perhaps a solo instrument. ABS has gluing characteristics that are superior to PVC in this application. The goal is to taper a 5 ft. length of 3" ABS, create a snap-in mouth piece fixture and give it a texture and feel that will deny it's ABS heritage. It will appear sculpturally organic. One may create slight crooks or bends in addition to the taper. People who see my didjeridus, even those who play ABS, are genuinely surprised to discover that they are actually plastic, by Tom Bray
Mannequin Land has mannequins for all. - is a world of mannequins and display forms; featuring a wide variety of male mannequins, female mannequins and children mannequins. Whether you need a fixed pose mannequin or a bendable, flexible mannequin... a realistic mannequin or abstract mannequin, Mannequinland is your mannequin world headquarters, from fixturepronto
Mannie's Halloween Page how to - Pumpkin Carving Patterns Animatronic Zombie Wooden Tombstones Foam Tombstones Animatronic Gate-Keeper
McCullochs Costume & Party Supply - a Canadian family owned and operated business. Primarily costume rental and dancewear supplies in the beginning our company has evolved into a multifaceted costume and party supply business specializing in the manufacturing, sales and rental of masquerade costumes and accessories. Our Costume Rental Department stocks thousands of complete adult masquerade and parade costumes. You name it - we probably have it. We also carry thousands of masks, costumes and accessories, as well as magic supplies and decorating items in our retail department. We offer Balloon Decorating services, by our Qualatex Master Certified Balloons Artists, which will add a touch of festive class and colour to your next event
Mechanical Design Engineering Resources on the World Wide Web - Associations Materials CAD/CAM/CAE Newsgroups Components Patents Design Information Publications Eng. Changes Safety Engineering Sites Search Tools Finite Element Semiconductor Machine Shop Standards Mailing Lists
MIDI Search Engine - Let MIDI Explorer find your files
Midnight Terror - 2004 is are 4th year come and see all of the new props the haunted house and display are bigger and better. The displays listed below are not in the front yard these are placed in the driveway and other areas The army of darkness The Witches Sue the Dragon Electirc Chair Fountain of Death
Milieux The Costume Site - Portal - Online Costuming Sources for Historical, Science Fiction & Fantasy Costumers
Monster in a box - How to - The following construction should be understood as temporary but reliable for hours of continuous operation. By Jim Kadel
Monster Mud - How to - This method (and variations) have been used in Haunts and Darkrides for ages. The process usually starts with building a chicken wire frame, and applying burlap with the Monster Mud mixture, sort of like a paper mache process. The Monster Mud mix that I use is a five gallon bucket of joint compound, mixed with one gallon of flat black latex paint, by Terryhaunt
Monster Page - How to - for the mere cost of a few bucks, some old clothes, some bubble wrap and little bit of your time, you too can make the monster of your dreams. make a base for your dummy using PVC pipe, from Uncle Deathy
More Drink Recipes - A number of cocktail collected by Kate.
Motor Head - How to - Use any reciprocating fan to create this little Nightmare His body stays motionless while his head turns back and forth, why is he here and what does he want , from Horror Dome.
Mourning Cemetery - Projects and haunt pictures.
mrib001 - How to - MAKING WEIRD RIB CAGES, how I my made my crank skeleton rib cage and arms. You can mount any light weight skull on the body. The skeleton bodys I make are very light and can be used for any prop.And once you make one you will see how easy it can be adapted to any other props, by Frank
Multiplex Modelsport USA - is dedicated to providing quality, affordable Radio Control hobby products that everyone can enjoy
Mummies - Guardian's Egypt - Portal - Everything you've always wanted to know about ancient Egyptian mummies and afterlife, but were afraid to ask! Learn about the Egyptians perception of the afterlife, their mummies, the process of mummification, and even meet some of the actual mummies
Mummies of Ancient Egypt - Reference - Photos and descriptions
Museum of Talking Boards An Online Museum of Ouija Boards - Reference - No other single, mass-produced item quite captures the imagination of the American public like the Ouija board. Is it just a toy as many claim, or is it a portal to a spirit realm where one may find the answers to life's many mysteries? Does the Ouija sometimes take on a life of its own? Is it an implement of enlightenment, or a doorway to disaster? Questions like these continue to intrigue after a hundred years and are what makes the Ouija board extraordinary and truly magical
My Heap - Reference - Casting information, tool plans, techniques and more.
My oxygen fired ABS-pipe cannon - Spud cannon construction how to, included because of the excellent reference photo of ABS stress damage. Search mummies - Reference, Hundreds of links regarding mummies, from National Georaghic online.
necropolis 2000 - Attraction - The necropolis is an interactive show that contributes all money collected to chariry. Basically it is what's refered to as a "Home Haunt", meaning this is done out of my home
Netherworld Haunted House - Attraction - is a walk-through dark attraction filled with terrifying live actors, amazing special effects, and incredible monsters - Atlanta's Ultimate Scare for Halloween - Four internet radio stations, archive of record album cover art,Weirdsville cartoons, cosmic collage art, Library of Cultural Arts, and more.
New Micros, Inc - Offer carefully selected CPU's on carefully designed Single Board Computers (SBC's) in development packages with High Level Languages. Support them with many common peripherals on the shelf (serial ports, parallel ports, A/D's, D/A's, SSR's, relays, high current sink, high current source, RTC's) and some exotic peripherals (counters, quadrature decoders, motor controllers, H-bridges). Semi-custom development of any additional peripherals needed. Contract programming if required. Full custom design, layout, and prototypes for volume applications. Small/short run production
Niles Haunted House Scream Park - Attraction - It is 44 acres of fun. In addition to our traditional Niles Haunted House, that will scare the yell out of you, we have expanded our attractions again this year. This year we have The Niles Haunted House 2004, Ripper's Revenge, Dark TERRORtory Haunted Hayride, Nightmare of Fear, The Field of Screams, Sean Begunia's Fatal Attraction and a midway with several attractions such as Blade Slinger, Fry Freddie Hoops, the Blade, Spooky Splatt paintball shooting gallery and (you gotta see it to believe it) the X-Terminator. 1000 Mayflower Rd. Niles, MI
Oak Island Entertainment and Productions - Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions Manufacturer - Oak Island’s line of unique scare products and supplies are designed to create impactful startle scares and supply haunters with industrial-grade, cost-effective, vital haunt materials. Oak Island Scare Products and Supplies are field tested in the most vigorous of venues- major theme parks throughout the world. They are specifically designed to be “haunt user friendly”: extremely durable, safe and memorable! Join haunt owners around the world and implement an Oak Island Scare Product in your haunt today
Obelisk - How to - Project pictures of foam obelisk by Robert Benfield
Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page Ghosts, Hauntings, and Other Strange Phenomena - home to the oldest true ghost story archive on the net (with stories dating back to 1993) as well as the net's original Ghosts and Hauntings FAQ. In addition, you will find hundreds of paranormal links, information on hauntings and publically accessible haunted places, a UFO-Free Message Board, one of the biggest Ghostlight Pages on the web, and more.
Old Wife's Tales - We invite you to stay awhile, to relax and read some of the short stories I've written. If you enjoy your visit, feel free to come back again. I usually add a few new stories every month
One Sheet Plywood Coffin Project - How to - Bucky Coffin AKA One Sheet of Plywood Coffin, based on the Casa de Sade plans, by Darkman
openingtombstone - How to - First we constructed a wood base for the tombstone that measured 28" L x 12" W x 12" tall. After this project was completed we found out this was the right size for a head to fit into but a little cramped if you wanted hands also, by spookdawg
Orb of Mysteriousness - How to - Modifying a light from spencers gifts into an egyptian feel component of an anubis statue, by Parr
Outwater Plastics Industries Inc. - inventory of plastic mouldings and injection moulded parts: Extrusions - Bumper Mldg, U-Channel, Sliding Door Track, Corner Channel, Flexible Hinge, Cap & Divider Mldg, Wood Tape, Angle Mldg, Decorative Trims, Panel Retainer. Display/Fixture Hardware - Brackets, Standards, Slatwall, Gridwall, Binning Strips, Price Tag Mldg., Mobile Hanging Units, Panel Connectors, Literature & Sign Holders, Tubings. Furniture Hardware - Fastners, Screw Covers, Retaining Buttons, Table pins, Latches & Catches, Wedges, Binning Strips, Back Bearings, Drawers, Bumbons Utility Trays, Shelving. Casters - Levelers, Caps & inserts, Adjustment Knobs, Tack Glides, Swivels, Furniture Legs, Casters. Sheets - Rolled Cork Wallpaper, Memo board, Chalk Board, Wood Veneer Sheets, NU-Cane, MDF Board, Tambour Luminous Ceiling Panels. Lighting - Recessed, Surface Mount, Track, Exhibit, Rope, Under Cabinet, Mini Shelf, Low Voltage, Exhibit, Light Rail, Transformers, Dimmers, Sconces. Fastening System - Every conceivable Aluminum Profile, Connector, Hinge, Panel and Accessory needed to easily create Permanent or Semi-Permanent Exhibits, Wall and Store Fixtures, Displays, Gazebos, Kiosks, and more
FAN-tastic Teeth - are perfect for sports fans, partygoers, and kids of all ages. Whether you're getting dressed up for the big game, Halloween, St. Patrick's day, a party, or some other festive event, you're sure to find colors that match the occasion. You can find other tooth-coloring compounds on the market, but our patent pending, non-toxic product is different in several respects: FAN-tastic Teeth was developed by dentists. We have more colors to choose from: Blue Gold Red Yellow Orange Brown Emerald Green Purple Brilliant White (provides great color contrast, as shown here) Black New fluorescent colors and sparkle colors! Dries faster -- within 10 seconds! Won't harm existing dental work. Won't come off with alcoholic beverages like other products will. Can also be used on fingernails.
Parker Electronic Product Directory - Look for plenty of pnuematics parts here
pbsoundsuppressor - How to - Building a Paintball Sound Suppressor, yeah, I know, but the same concept can be applied to pnuematic props air cylinder exhaust, by Steve Bryant.
Perry Meadows Haunt - Attraction - a non-profit Haunt, that does accept can food donations for the less fortunate in our area. Our humble haunt is a walk thru haunted house, we also have a yard display haunt for those that decide to not venture into the walk thru haunted house. Rio Rancho NM.
PHD, Inc. - manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic industrial automation actuators, designed to help companies across all industries optimize their manufacturing processes. Our products consist of a full line of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, escapements, grippers, linear slides, rotary actuators, clamps, multi-motion actuators, switches and sensors. Some useful tools on this site as well. Check out the sizing calculator!
PIAB North America - Innovators in Vacuum Technology. vacuum technique, vacuum pumps, suction cups, vacuum conveyors, vacuum grippers
Pneumatics 101 - Though ROSS controls is known throughout the industry as a pioneer in pneumatic controls, we understand that maybe not everybody understands the science of pneumatics as we do. We're thrilled you want to learn more about the science that has made our business such an important one to so many other businesses. So welcome to Pneumatics 101, the first internet pneumatics introductory course available from ROSS. You won't need pencils or textbooks, and yes, it's just fine to chew gum during class. To get started, just click on a topic that interests you from the selection below
Pneumatics Online - Your Online Source to the Pneumatics Industry. Whether you are a student, manufacturer, user, or provider of services to the Fluid Power Sector, we invite you to look around and become informed of the latest happenings in our field. Feel free to browse our site without the hassles of logging in or membership fees. At Pneumatics Online, our desire is to inform, assist, educate and entertain the people in the Fluid Power Industry with the latest technology available. We are committed to offering our audience both the latest tools and technology in getting not only the products, but also the information they need in a time effective manner. We continue to strive to be the best source for the pneumatics industry. We are committed to our customers and stand behind our products. As part of our commitment to the industry, we continue to expand and further enhance the marketplace by offering not only an informative website but additional products and services too. Examples of some of these products would include 3D modeling services, calculators for mobile devices, and the 3D Product Configurator to specify, preview, download and source product information
Price-Driscoll Corporation - was born out of the need for a better mold release - Mold Cleaner & Maintenance Food Grade Mold Releases Investment Casting Releases Paintable Mold Releases Parfilm Mold Releases Semi-permanent Mold Releases Silicone Mold Releases Specialty Mold Releases Thermoset Mold Releases UL Recognized Mold Releases
Projects - popup - Simple pop up cylinder and wooden tombstone prop, description and pictures, by Eric
Projects 2003...  The Wall Popper - How To - As the guest reaches the last row, the plaque drops, the entombed corpse flies out towards the guest, and at the moment the figure is fully extended (providing the first scare), an air cannon fires at about ankle level to provide a secondary scare. After the guest passes, the prop will reset itself for the next guest. By Terry
Tim Vittetoe Originals - offers over 15 years of experience in: Costumes Props Scale Models Sets Special Effects Makeup Prototypes. We also offer hundreds of items for sale on our Products page. If what you're looking for doesn't exist, we'll create it. collectibles gifts art prosthetic appliances stage design models Make your own professional quality foam latex masks! Design, Kits, Dinosaurs
Thanatophobialand - Attraction - Home haunt in Lockport, IL - The site for pumpkin and watermelon carving patterns and more
Quality Electronic Kits - Audio, valve, MOSFET amplifier kits - Typical proven building blocks would be amplifier kits, valve amplifiers, 1 A, 3 A and 10 A DC power supply modules, as well as benchtop power supply with extremely low drift and stable regulation. More advanced projects include I/O boards for your P.C, ISA, Serial, & Parallel types. All in stock products will be shipped same day if ordered before 3:00 pm.
RALISFX.COM - AirFX Paints represent a revolutionary design in airbrush makeup. These makeups are designed to apply rapidly and easily to human (or undead!) skin with a standard airbrush. The ease of use and attractive pricing make this airbrush makeup perfect for the beginning makeup artist. The utility and economy of AirFX airbrush makeups are also appreciated by the horror attractions industry. AirFX makeups are designed with performance in mind and can last up to hours, making them ideal for theatrical and other performance industries.
Ralphing Rita - how to - There are many forms of this prop out there, most being a life size man vomiting into a barrel. I thought it would be a great idea to shrink it down to a good sized doll, and have her...shall we say, .... "stir" the punch
recipies - if you need creepy cuisine for your holiday bash, or just some fun food for whenever you feel like Halloween treats, this recipie page is sure to get your noodle going. Bowl o'Scabs Brittle Bones Witches' Fingers Erie Eyeballs Bowl o'Scabs Pus Pockets Cobweb Cookies Sewer Surprise Butchered Snake Bits In Blood Sauce Chunky Blood Shake Pigeon Poop Roadkill Frogs
RobotZone - We have the Parts for Your Robotic ideas! RC Gear Servos & Accessories Batteries & Chargers Electronics & Software Motors & Accessories Wheels & Tires Mechanical Parts Wiring & Connectors
Rockford ScreamFest - attraction - Haunted Houses for the Price of One. Machesney Park, IL
Rocky Point Haunted House - attraction - Salt Lake City Utah
RogueAPBT's Halloween Page - projects and pictures - Vampire Skull Grave Marker Baby Boris Scarecrow Wizard Puppet Frisky Wizard Puppet - Modifications plus "how-to" MM Zombie Styrofoam Corpse Head Little Walker Puppet Green Goblin Head (an experiment with Crayola Model Magic) Talking and Stirring Witches Tombstones Latex/Papier Mache Corpse Head Little Dead Riding Hood BatBoy Candy Box
Rotting Corpse - How to - a very creative method of transforming a $10 blown-plastic skeleton ("Blucky") into a rotting corpse, on
Royalty Free Pictures of Egyptian Mummies - Feel free to use any of these images in your educational, non-comerical web pages or classroom presentations
Rulok the Gargoyle - Wings - How to - I will attempt to sketch and explain each step. You will have to use some of your own ingenuity since I don't have the ability to explain every detail in pictures. Forgive the quality of my drawing
Sam Barros' PowerLabs! - This webpage represents a 6+ year effort at documenting some of the various experiments and research I have worked on in different fields of science and technology. Here you will find detailed reports including descriptions, pictures, videos, diagrams, schematics and technical data on experiments and devices designed and built by myself over the years, including Tesla coils and other various types of high voltage generators, plasma globes, electromagnetic experiments, coil guns, rail guns, lasers, rockets, turbines, electromagnetic propulsion, EMP, HERF, cryogenics, chemistry and much more
Savko Plastic Pipe & Fittings, Inc. - Online Sales - Manufacturers and Suppliers of Plastic Plumbing for Aquarium, Industrial, Pool, Spa, Pond, Farm & Home applications
Scair Structures - ScAir Structures just add air.. to create your instant structure with a wide range of applications. including; Halloween haunts, family entertainment centers, amusement parks and facilities, service clubs & event planning businesses. ScAir Structures; store in a small space, they are easily transported, set-up and break down time takes minutes or hours not days and weeks. ScAir Structures can be run with a small staff and the layout is determined only by our imagination
Scare 'Em Witless Link Engine - Greetings Searchers After Spooky Thrills, Consider This Collection Of Spine Chilling Sites To Be Your Guide To All Things That Go Bump In The Night, To Strange Things Of Wing And Claw And To Uncanny Sights And Sounds On The Net - Axworthy Flying Ghost pictures and general description, by Scott Axworthy
Scareshop - the world’s most excellent source for Dark Novelties, Unique Gifts and Apparel. Whether you're searching for the the coolest T-shirts, long sleeve Ts, Hoodies and Hats, or you're hunting down that perfect accent, collectible gift or novelty item...(Greeting Cards, Posters, Stickers, Bobble Heads, Ashtrays, Votive Candle Holders, Figurines, Incense Burners, Magnets and Chess Sets) Scareshop has got you covered. There's something for everyone contained within our unique collection of products and styles. We carry designs for Monster, Gargoyle, Dragon and Horror Fans, Bikers, Skaters, BMXers, Punk & Metal Heads, Hot Rod Nostalgia Buffs, Skull Collectors, Evil Clown Lovers and just about anyone who appreciates the razor's edge of style and originality. - Is a large entertainment portal for scary related: sites, news, pictures, articles, stories, movies, and much more. The site was originally created as a horror link directory and has since grown into a large entertainment website
scaryzplace - Scary Mary's Hag Haven haunt pictures
Scream at the Beach - Attraction - The Jantzen Beach SuperCenter will become Scream Central again next October with the return of Scream at the Beach, Portland’s largest and highest rated Halloween event offering more full-featured haunted houses at one location than anywhere in the Northwest! There's something for all ages and scare tolerances, including free live shows, gift shop, snack bar, games, tarot card reader, children's play area, photo opportunities, and more. Drop in for a visit...if you dare!
Screamin scotts Halloween page - Do you love Halloween haunted houses? Do you crank up the horror sound effects record on Oct 31? Do trick or treaters dare each other to ring your doorbell? Does your house mysteriously transform into a vision of unearthly horror each fall? Do you drool over the Halloween catalogs until you see the prices? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, this web page is for you! I have roamed the Web searching for ideas for yard haunters. This is my attempt to put these ideas in one place, for your convenience. Explore my links to other like-minded web pages. My links are primarily for home haunters who are looking for great, inexpensive ideas to turn their home into a dungeon of terror
Screams of Terror online Magazine - You have entered a horror based web page. If you are disturbed by images, art, stories that may contain graphic violence, sex, nudity or anything horror related, we recommend that you leave now! These pages contain items that relate to supernatural forces, vampires, monsters, death, destruction, undead, bizarre sex, witchcraft, Satanism and pretty much anything of a disturbing or horrific nature.
ScreamWorks - is a one-stop shop for many theatrical and promotional services. Drop us a line about things you see here... And who knows, maybe things you don't. Dark Attractions Gothic/Industrial Events Theatrical Services Graphic Design & Printing Full Haunted Attraction Design Services Raves, Dances and Parties Set Design Full Service Graphic Design Customized Soundtracks Airbrush Body Art Set Construction T-shirts and Sweatshirts Costuming Industrial / Gothic / EBM DJ Services Costuming Event Advertising Custom Extreme Costuming Security Planning Event Sound and Dance Lighting Event Flyers Specialzed Large Scale Effects Event and Party Planning Production and Direction Logos and Identity
ServoCity - Suppliers of model servos controllers and components
Build a Glowing-Flaming Pickle - How to - Yes, the children... the children will love these, from shady hollow.
Cemetery Fence and Gate Pictures for the Home Haunter - Reference - This page provides images of actual cemetery gates and fences in order to help the home haunter design their own, from Shady Hollow
Jacob's Ladder - How to - Build a Jacob's Ladder, by Shady Hollow
Shady Hollow - Real Tombstone Images for the Home Haunter - reference - The images on this page are intended to help the home haunter come up with realistic and accurate designs for their tombstones. I have tried to include mostly the older marble tombstones that would be easy to re-produce out of styrofoam insulation sheeting
Shady Hollow - Stone Patterns and Aging for the Home Haunter - Reference - The pictures on this page are intended to help the home haunter correctly reproduce the patterns of marble, granite, and more effectively give the appearance of age on their tombstones
Shady Hollow - Styrofoam Tombstone Construction - how to - Tombstones are one of the most important elements of any Halloween yard display. For home haunters, the cheapest, most economical, and most readily available material for creating tombstones is some variation of Styrofoam insulation sheeting. This document covers the construction, set up, and storage of Styrofoam tombstones
Bob Popper Ghoul - How to - a box about 8 inches wide, 20 inches long, and 8 inches deep. This box contains a hinged, camouflaged lid, is buried in the ground, and, under proper lighting, becomes invisible. When a TOT walks by, the Bob Popper Ghoul can be triggered, causing a head/mask/creature to suddenly pop up out of the ground. The grave popper, a.k.a. Bob Popper Ghoul, was developed in the summer of 1997, by Shady Hollow
Sinister Pumpkin - haunt - is primarily made up by three people... Rich Courtright, Dan Courtright and Mark Pavey. Together we have a love of Halloween, scaring the daylights out of people and tinkering with cool stuff. The tinkering part is what really keeps us going. We all love to make stuff and play with different things. This should be fairly obvious by looking at the different kinds of props we make. Pneumatics, home-made and purchased, "Monster Mud" creatures, electronics, audio, video, etc...
Sinister Visions Dark art, design and illustration by Chad Savage - Sinister Visions (and its ancillary sites) is primarily the work of Chad Savage. Chad is a long standing fan of all things horror, scary, spooky, Halloween and haunted, and his work has always reflected that. He brings his love of the subject matter to his work whenever possible/appropriate, some fonts and sounds can be had hear, otherwise a collection of fantastic art and more
Skull Fountain - how to - skull/vertebrea fountain project by perfessor evil, mostly images.
Small Coffin - how to - This coffin was built because of a request from my wife. The family dog is getting older and my wife wanted to be 'prepared' with something nice. Until then, hopefully way off in the future, it has become a Halloween prop , just images
SMC Corporation of America - supplier - Manufacturers of solenoid valves and other products
Frightmare Forest Haunt Controller - supplier - The Frightmare Forest Haunt Controller family of software is designed to accommodate the needs of unique haunted attractions by allowing them to easily setup, control, and expand the technology used in haunted attractions today.
Some Fun Recipes - recipes - Here are some fun and easy recipes you can make! [BE SURE TO GET AN ADULT'S HELP IN THE KITCHEN!] Monster Brew Pumpkin Pops Ants on a Log Beetle Brunch Stuffed Snails Centipede Surprise Trick or Treat Cereals Peachy Pumpkins Goofy Ghost Black Cat Witchy Witch Lil Pumpkin Pizzas ROASTED PUMPKIN SEEDS Yummy Pumpkin Cookies Pumpkin Squares Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Bread
Sound Servo Controller - how to - Here's "how to" control those toy motor props that proliferate on store shelves around Halloween. So often they are neat-O but don't speak the words we would like them to say. For very little cost and work you can build this circuit and replace the one that comes with the toy. Then all you do is feed this board with sound from any sound source and it "speaks your language" ! by jim kadel
Spider Web Spinner - how to - Spin web's like an Award Winning Arachnid with this little baby, fan based web spinner, from the horrordome
SPOOKY BOUTIQUE - merchandise - Enter our Spooky Boutique where you'll find a wide selection of gothic clothing & accessories, including pvc dresses, skirts & tops, fishnet & striped tights in a wide choice of colors, platform boots & gothic shoes, high heel shoes, Manic Panic hair dye, punk clothing & wristbands, renaissance costumes, gothic jewelry, spooky t-shirts, Edward Gorey merchandise, Halloween costumes & more goth stuff
sprawling delusions - components - The Creature Supply is the storefront of Sprawling Delusions that was created to supply unique and hard to find products needed for prop building to the haunt industry
SRL - Survival Research Labs - entertainment - Survival Research Laboratories was conceived of and founded by Mark Pauline in November 1978. Since its inception SRL has operated as an organization of creative technicians dedicated to re-directing the techniques, tools, and tenets of industry, science, and the military away from their typical manifestations in practicality, product or warfare. Since 1979, SRL has staged over 45 mechanized presentations in the United States and Europe. Each performance consists of a unique set of ritualized interactions between machines, robots, and special effects devices, employed in developing themes of socio-political satire. Humans are present only as audience or operators
Display Warehouse - supplier - is a store fixtures company and a national distributor of store fixtures, greeting card racks, retail displays, and store supplies. Our products include custom fixtures, showcases, wooden hangers, plastic hangers, clothing steamers, display racks, slatwall, gridwall, glass displays, mannequins, jersey forms, clothing racks and gondolas - attraction - maple valley, Wa.
Studio-Tek FX
Sugar Glass - how to - Make your own break-away glass with this easy sugar recipe, by Rebecca Burt
T-Shirt Hell - fashion - Looking for a funny t-shirt, a cool t-shirt, a crazy t-shirt? Come inside now, you funny tee shirt sheik
TECEL Microcontroller Boards and Components - supplier - Microcontroller Boards. Great for robotics or any other electronics project. Can be used both for development and implementation. Compiler, Assembler and Loader software included upon purchasing any of our Microcontroller Boards. Our products also include a PC ISA I/O Board , a MOSFET High Power Motor Driver Board, a Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver Board, Sensors and Encoder Disks We also carry a selection of Motors and Gearmotors
Terror Syndicate - supplier and how to - The mission of TS Productions is to provide in-depth instructional material on the production of props, installation of haunt systems, and fabrication of haunted attractions. We document the techniques that we use for our annual haunt, now called Dark Works, and offer the home haunter detailed material lists and instruction so that they can produce their own attraction. It is our goal to give anyone that is interested in building his or her own props, or full scale haunt, the confidence to do so. We achieve this goal by sharing the knowledge that we have learned through our handbooks and video series
Terror Terrace Kitchen Drinks - recipes - GREEN GLO BREW FREAKY CUBES ICY HANDS AND FINGERS
Terror Terrace Music Room Midis - audio - Right click on the Title and you can save target as to your computer , approx 80 files
Terror Terrace Music Room - audio - 16 wav files
the beakman's Halloween Page - haunt - pictures and prop how tos, by the beakman
the beakman's Halloween Page PVC Figures - how to - The basic idea is to use lengths of PVC pipe for the main 'bones' of the figure, and various pipe connectors (e.g., straight, 45-degree elbows, 90-degree elbows) for the joints. The advantage of this over a wooden frame is that the PVC pipe is lightweight but strong, and the figure is easier to pose in different ways using the various PVC pipe connectors
The Bottomless Pit - how to - You hear a voice screaming for you to come down and help. You lean over The Bottomless Pit and look down, you can see forever. The voice screams again asking for help one last time, and then it happens, the Creature that lives down in the Pit attacks and eats its victim and all you can do is enjoy the sounds of crunching bones, grinding teeth and the shrill cries of another victim lost, to THE BOTTOMLESS PIT, by larry lund
The Chemistry Store - Serving The Hobbyist, Student, School and Industry - supplier - is your source for commercial chemicals, soap making and candle making supplies in small quantities at reasonable prices. Ideal for the hobbyist, students, schools and industry. Soy Candle Wax Aluminum Pour Pots New Improved Millennium Soy Candle Wax & Votive Soy Candle Wax Seamless Aluminum Pot with heat resistant handle Candle Wicks Candle colours Wicks- Wick Tabs - Raw Zinc Wicking by the yard Liquid Candle Colorants Fragrance Oils Shimmer Dust Glitter No Clouding & High Flash Points For candles and lotions Scales Candle Thermometers Alimento Scale & Belecco Scale Easy-to-read Temperature Range 100°F to 400°F. Glass tube with adjustable pan clip. 8" long. Votive Molds & Wick Pins Essential Oil & Fragrance Oil Modifier Votive Molds, Wick Pins, & Kits Candle Warning labels
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare - reference - the Web's first edition of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. This site has offered Shakespeare's plays and poetry to the Internet community since 1993.
The Creepy Collection - Death Done Right! - props - the most realistic corpses, skulls and props that you can find at the best prices in the industry, bar none
The Cryptorium - haunt - pictures and how to pages, in San Diego Ca.
The Giant Spider Page - how to - Learn how to make this Giant six foot Spider Web and a Giant three foot Spider that spins Webs, has Adjustable Legs and has Glowing Red Eyes !, from the horrordome
Cheap Headstones - how to - wooden and varnished print headstones, by the Halloween poject.
The Haunted Hydro - attraction - The Haunted Hydro has become a Halloween Institution for many visitors who frequent our haunt each year. Last year we celebrated a milestone…our 13th Anniversary and took the Hydro back to what started it all…ONE haunted house. We are and have been the BIGGEST, BEST and LONGEST running haunted house in Northwest Ohio
The New York City Horror Film Festival - event - WE'RE BACK AND SCARIER THAN EVER! The "Call For Entries " for the 2005 festival is now officially underway and this year promises to be bigger, badder and the most exciting and important genre festival in the world! In 2005, the festival will expand yet again. More days, more nights, more films, more fans, more parties and a bigger venue! Keep an eye on this site for details, we are working on what will surely be our biggest year to date! Good luck to all the filmmakers out there!
The Rabid Rat And Cat - how to - Learn how to turn a simple rubber cat, Rat or any other rubber creature into a Rampaging Monster!, from the horrordome
The Rat In A Can - how to - This prop will allow a giant Rat or what ever Creature you prefer to run out of a garbage can and then jump back in again, from the horrordome
The Reaper's Creepy Links
The Remote Controlled Spider
The Ribs Page
The Shrinking Tunnel
The Spider Victom
The Stupid Store Coffin Handbag
The Transformation Box
The Trashcan Trauma
Theatre House, Inc. 1-800-827-2414
THEFENCE Haunted House Props, Haunted House Decorations, haunted house supplies, halloween props, decorations and supp
thenecropolis's Death Test! T-Bone's Pumpkin Carver 2
Tomb and Gloom
Tombstones 2
Ton Hobbies
TOOLS - PLUS Discount Woodworking & Power tools - All Manufacturers we Carry,Abrasives,Air Powered,Automotive,Cordless Tools,Co - Wholesale toys and candy distributor
uncle Binleys Dungeon
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Unpleasant Street -- Halloween Haunt and Info
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Utterly Outrageous Recipes (food, delicacies, exotic foods, recipes, cooking, cook books, eating, onions, gourmet)
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 Alltronics - Wholesale Dealer Retail Surplus Electronics, Computer, Peripheral, Components Alltronics - Wholesale Dealer Retail Electronics, Computer, Peripheral, Components
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.HALLOWEEN 24-7.COM. Tom Bardash's Animatronic Head Kit
2004 NIGHTMARE IN PAINESVILLE Fri,Sat & Sun October 1st - 30th
40 Burlap - 50 Yard Roll (Free Shipping)
A theater of lost souls DJ Equipment Turntables CD Players Mixers Speakers
Aidtopia Halloween Graves
Amazing Halloween masks and costumes at a discount!
Amy and Andrews Halloween Page
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AtomFilms - Day Off the Dead
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Big ass fake fire!
Big Scream TV™
Black Light LEDs - Blacklights, Gifts, Lighting, Figurines, Skulls, Black lights, Posters, Shroom Designs, Bulbs, Flasks, Zippo, and More!
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Costume Rental, Theatrical Costumes, Halloween - Albany NY, Schenectady, Troy New York
Costumes at Ronjo
Cowlacious Designs
Cowlacious Products & Kits
Creative Corpses - Props by Rod
Creative Design Online Home Page Home Of The Creepy People and Home of Halloween Fun
creepfest 2003 - The 2nd annual Los Angeles Independent Horror Film Festival...and Music Too!!
Crypt of Darkness
Custom Airbrushing Artwork for the Entertainment Industry!
Dark Fire' - Candles and Accessories
Darkside Displays - Halloween Decorations, Props, Costumes and more
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Electronix Express - Electronics for Schools and Industry
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Featured Creatures Ultra high quality masks for Halloween and Collectors. Zombies, Monsters and Werewolves.
Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource - Online resource for Macromedia Flash Tutorials SWF FLA images clip art Sounds WAVS Animations Help and Support
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Fright Tech - Electronics for the Halloween Industry
FrightProps - Halloween Accessories and Props
Futurlec, The Electronic Components and Semiconductor Superstore
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Gecko Enterprises Home
Ghost Pictures - Banshee Ghost Pictures
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Glo Germ Handwashing, aseptic & isolation techniques, infection control
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Halloween Ghosts, Death and Dying, Haunted Houses, Horror, Jack O'Lanterns, Pumpkins... - the best links on the Net
Halloween Headquarters - Online Superstore for Props, Decorations, Masks, Costumes - Fright Shop -
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Halloween Online Magazine - Special FX and Props - Tombstone Factory
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halloween tombstones and tombstones custom made.
Halloween USA - Buy the hottest halloween costumes online
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Haunted House Supplies DVDs, Videos, Books and Scary CDs
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Haunted Summitview Drive of New Castle, PA USA - Yard haunt
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M-F Manufacturing Co., Inc. - (817) 281-9488 -
Make a DMX tester.
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Mephisto's Haunt - Home Brewed Halloween Haunting Goodness! Props, Pictures, How-To's and more.
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Pak-Lite's Official Website - A Rainbow Of Colors Available
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Portable 2 car garage from Shed City USA
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The Transformation Box
The Trashcan Trauma
Theatre House, Inc. 1-800-827-2414
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Tombstones 2
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TOOLS - PLUS Discount Woodworking & Power tools - All Manufacturers we Carry,Abrasives,Air Powered,Automotive,Cordless Tools,Co
Tools and Supplies for Building Scale Models Micro-Mark The Small Tool Specialists - Wholesale toys and candy distributor Halloween fun and new halloween candy for all ages.
uncle Binleys Dungeon
Unit 70 Studios.................... (614) 225-0183
Unpleasant Street -- Halloween Haunt and Info
Unpleasant Street -- Halloween Yard Haunt and Info
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Urban Legends
Utterly Outrageous Recipes (food, delicacies, exotic foods, recipes, cooking, cook books, eating, onions, gourmet)
vampire bat
Vampire Blood
Vampire Horror Host Count Gore De Vol Creature Feature
Various technical hacks
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2002 Haunted Forest - Greenville, N or S.C.
28th Annual New York's Village Halloween Parade - the Greatest Event of Earth on October 31... and for your creativity and joy!
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Guillotine Plans - Leading Manufacturer of gypsum based products used in Flooring, Food & Polymer Fillers, Cements, Casting, Tooling and ceramics
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Life Casting Techniques
Life Casting
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Live365 - Cobwebs In The Closet
Looking for Ghosts, Hauntings, UFOs, Aliens, the REAL paranormal, the weird, strange & absurd Want to read REAL stories about real haunted houses, extraterrestrials, poltergeists and more
LOTR Costume Research Home - Discover Great Values!
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Make Your Own Coffin (Purse, That Is)!
Make Your Own Haunted House - Making Halloween props crafts decorations
Make-Up Artist Magazine
Manchester Community Association Halloween Photo Gallery
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Mask and Makeup Links at The Costumer's Manifesto
Mask Making
Medieval Torture
Mehron - Boundless Creativity
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Michigan Halloween Happenings 1997
Modeling Tips & Tricks
Mold Making Part I
Mold Making, Mold Rubber and Casting Materials From Smooth-On
Molding & Casting
Monster-Mania Con Horror Movie and Memorabilia Convention
Morticia Skirt
Morticia's Morgue - Halloween
Moveable Jaw Masks
Museum of Talking Boards History of the Talking Board - Access your bookmarks online anytime, anywhere
Mythology Web - Folklore, myths and legends
Nessie on the Net! Loch Ness Monster Live Cam, Scotland
NFXstudios Halloween Masks
Nightmare on Norcross
Nightmare Productions Welcome
Nocturn Ultraviolet Visual Effects
North Florida Paranormal Research, Inc. - Ghost Tracker Investigations
Not Just for Kids! - Halloween Tricks and Treats
Not Just for Kids! Halloween Desserts
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Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page Ghosts, Hauntings, and Other Strange Phenomena
October Farms, Pick Your Own, Pumpkins, Hayrides, Haunted House, Somerset County, Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Octodog's Frankfurter Converter,The fun, simple and safer way to turn ordinary hotdogs into exciting to cook and super fun to eat... Octodogs
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Our On-Store
Paranormal Underground Your links to paranormal phenomena.
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Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance -- ghosts, hauntings, ghost photos
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PSYCHO PATH -YEAR ONE- come help make it a good one!!
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Round Two Costumes - Duct Tape Patterns
Rubie’s Costume
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Scarefest 2003 Halloween Season
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Schaefer's Frightfest
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ShowMasters Online - Scrim, Leno, Gauze, Netting, and Cheesecloth
Shrew's Fiddle
Sinister Dolls An Experiment in the Reanimation of Doll Tissue
Skull Kingdom Information
Smiffy's, manufacturers & suppliers of wigs, costumes, Halloween, Christmas and party products
Southern Maryland Online Halloween Costume Ideas
Spooks On Parade - Halloween Treats, Halloween Goodies, Halloween Games, Halloween Candy, Halloween Recipes, Halloween Crafts, Halloween Links
SPOOKY BOUTIQUE - gothic clothing, gothic boots, platform shoes, renaissance costumes, & more.
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Terror at 2596
Terror Terrace Entry Page
The (Halloween) Costume Page - Halloween Costuming
The 13th Door Haunted House
The Bridge School - Archives - Halloween Costumes
The ChildFun Family Website - Halloween Room Party Ideas - Let the Games Begin
The Costumer's Manifesto 16th Century Costume Links
The Costumer's Manifesto Traditional Dress, Ethnic Costumes and Textiles of the World Links
The Costumer's Manifesto Transgender, Kink, & Fetish Clothing and Body Modification Links
The Costumer's Manifesto
The Costumer's Manifesto  Costume Accessories Links
The Costumer's Manifesto  Places to get Costume Supplies
The Elvis Impersonator's Support Page
The First Online Church of Bob Minions of the Conspiracy
The Hallowed Grounds of 6020 Jennifer Crescent
The Halloween Bros.
THE Haunted House in North Carolina - Happy Haunted Halloween!
The Haunted Pyramids Online
The Haunted Trail
The Jersey Devil's Haunted Woods - Welcome
The Kindt-Collins Company
The Magic Wardrobe - Custom Costumes, Gifts & Aceessories
The Monster Closet
The Monster Laboratory @
The Moonlit Road
the New Jersey Halloween Horror Expo
The Official Home of 1313 Magazine
The Prop Werx
the Raven's Fake Blood Recipes
The Sanguinarium A PathwayToDarkness - Spring 2002 Ed.
The Scream Works Project 2002
The Shadows Are Near
The Teacher's Lounge Halloween Page
The Utah Ghost Hunters Society - Home Page
Thermoplastic Scenery for Theatre - Book
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Trail of Terror
Tyler Tool - Industrial Supplies & the Best Power Tools, Tool Crib of the South!
UFOSeek - The Paranormal and UFO Search Engine
UGL How-To's - ZAR® Graining Tool - Underworld world exclusive trailer release for the vampire vs. werewolf action movie
UHM - Upcoming Horror Movies
Union Ridge Haunted Forest
Untitled Document - Travel - Vacations - 10 great places for family tricks and treats - Happy Halloween
USS Nightmare - Halloween Costume Ideas - Make-Your-Own Custom Fangs
Webicurean Trick or Treat It's Halloween!
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WebRing hub
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Weeping Willow Haunted Cemetery
Weird n' Spooky America, Hauntings and Unexplained Phenomena
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What Makes a Halloween Costume Clever The Props!
Wheaton Jaycees Haunted House
Willa's Journal - Halloween Links
Wing Tutorial
Wings That Work
Witchvox 01 May, 2003 - 11519 AM
Wood Casket Plan from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
Woods of Terror
Wordcraft Website
World of Horror Home
World's Largest Party Supply Superstore - ShindigZ by Stumps
Yahoo! Groups Lords_Of_Fear
YTC Summit - The Original Summit Collection Gifts
ZooMom's Costume Ideas
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4Free Halloween Clip Art and Icons!
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Halloween BronxStyle
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Haunted Halloween ™- Haunted Houses - Mansions, tunnels, lakes, castles, places, things.
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Index of Halloween Project Pages
Information Unlimited - Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Coils, High Voltage Engineering, Plans, Books, Parts, Kits Society-Holidays-Halloween-Decorations and Props
Kate's Halloween Spooks
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Linkaholics Newsletter Issue 27a - October 2002
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Links to your popular Goulish Site!!!
Makeup effects by Lars Carlsson, Gothenburg, Sweden
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